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Dear Hindu Samudai, sorry for the interruption, but GLOBAL HINDU HERITAGE FOUNDATION really needs you. This is the 1st ever appeal we've shown you. All we ask is $51 [ ₹ ] and it's easy to donate on your phone. We are not greedy, so consider donating just $51 so that you can come again next year; also we understand we are not the only Hindu organization, so we encourage you to save your donation pocket. Please share our articles, to spread awareness and also to help us decide either to reduce the collective donation burden next year or add more Hindu revival causes. We ask you, humbly: Please don't scroll away.
Curious on why we began this appeal?

First off, GLOBAL HINDU HERITAGE FOUNDATION is very pleased by your support in keeping our Hindutvam reviving activities as a continuous effort. We have been brainstorming and working at various levels & activities in withholding our religious freedom with dignity and pride in Bharat.

GHHF runs purely on donations. But it has been unfortunate in recent months for being exhausted in standing against the overwhelming Hindu-extinguishing forces, on various fronts like judicial, cultural, educational, evangelical, jihadical, etc, with present financial aid that we are receiving. We have almost reached a brink of giving up our struggle.

As we all are aware that voluntary service compromises on quality of service, we can achieve quality only with more volunteers. But since we have too few voluntary people on the ground, we have injected salaried employees, welcome gifts to Gharwapasis, daily gifts to Bala Samskar kids, helping poor temple priests, goushalas & temple rennovations, legal maintenance, etc. And this in turn is now becoming a bottle neck to achieve financial fulfillment every month/year. All we ask is $51 per year. More members, less collective burden, more service.

How long do we run this drive?
OK. Now that we began apologizing for interrupting you, please feel free to get interrupted during Kartheeka maas (around November). Well, religions of Tithe and Zakat/Jiziya do suck up to 10% of the income by appealing every month. Let us all Hindus get used to be reminded once an year as a small effort to forward a step towards the revival of Hindutvam.
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GHHF Activities and Accomplishments July to December 2020; Year - End Donations Requested to Continue Ghar Waapasi. Part-2

"After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and no so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future.” Anne Besant

22 Dec 2020

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GHHF Activities and Accomplishments July to December 2020; Year - End Donations Requested to Continue Ghar Waapasi. Part-2

The previous part-1 of the article can be accessed below link: "After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and no so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future.” Anne Besant As you all aware, that Hindu population is declining due to massive Christian efforts to convert as many people as possible. While we keep writing books and articles, engage in endless discussions, organizing Conferences, and participating in demonstrations, we are losing our Hindus day by day. If all the efforts we were doing till now had some impact on reversing the trend, it would have been great. As we concentrate on out intellectual endeavors, Christians are concentrating on conversion. It is time for all the intellectuals and activists to pause few minutes and look at the ground realities. Our intellectual endeavors and activists’ protests are not reaching the villages where conversion is rampant. You cannot ignore or turn away from what is happening on the ground. As you know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is working closely with likeminded people to do two things to stop the Christian menace: 1. Stop the conversion of innocent Hindus into other religions 2. Welcome back those who were converted to Christianity through deception force, fear, and allurement. Following are the SELECTIVE Activities and Accomplishments from July 2020 till middle of December. August thru December Ghar Waapasi initiated in five locations with 8 Associates in Andhra and Telangana in August GHHF initiated Ghar Waapasi in four different places in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad, Telangana. Christians have become emboldened and aggressive in propagating Christianity, attacking Hindu Temples, destroying Hindu Gods, burning Temple Rathas, occupying Temple lands, and building churches by removing the people who have been living there for some time. The places where Ghar Waapasi is being organized are: Hyderabad Tirupati Vishakhapatnam Guntur Vijayawada So far, our Associates are able to reconvert about 700 families into Sanatana Dharma. They are going to nearby villages and agency area to talk about the richness of our culture. Every day our Associates visit 4-5 villages to erase the misconceptions of those who converted to Christianity. We have prepared 4 page document to share with each family they meet and explain the rights of Hindus and how they can face the Christian aggression. Also prepare a 40 page pocketbook comparing Bhagavad Gita and Bible to give it to those interested. We have prepared a packet containing about eight items such as Upper garment for man, blouse piece, Kumkum Bharani, Lord Rama’s picture, Hanuman flag and other items to be given to families who returned to Hinduism. We have done about 150 Ghar Waapasi activities visiting different villages over the last three months.  For daily activities of GHAR WAAPASI, please visit our website:                        December 15 Is Christianity a Tolerant Religion? Why Vijayawada Police Officers are Wrong? Please watch our YouTube presentation. Christians are emboldened by the election of Christian Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. More surprising thing is the celebrations of Vijayawada Police Officers celebrating with their Police Uniform and remove their dutybound Hats embossed with three Lions and putting Christmas caps. They are wishing happy Christmas by saying “Christ is the epitome of shanti and Sahanam. We are asking everybody to follow sahanam.” These kinds of statements the Christians use to convert illiterate, desperate Hindus into Christianity. December 14 Helped Villagers to sign Petition to STOP Church Construction in a village near Tirupati. As you know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is working closely with likeminded people to do two things to stop the Christian menace: 1. Stop the conversion of innocent Hindus into other religions. 2.      Welcome back those who were converted to Christianity through deception force, fear, and allurement. Our GHHF Associates went to the village explained the legal way of stopping the construction. About 30 villagers signed the petition addressed to MRO to remove the church. Our Associates and few villagers went to the MRO office and submitted the signed petition on December 14, 2020. We sent a certified letter to the District Collector. December 1 Jesus Uregimpu (Precession) around Sri Kalahasti Temple is being planned on Christmas Day. GHHF submitted a letter requesting EO of Sri Kalahasti Temple to make sure no such procession will take place. He promised that he will monitor and prevent any such activity. We also organized a group of people to be present on Christmas day to make sure no such Jesus procession will take place around Sri Kalahasti Temple.   December 2 About 200 Christian Ladies who returned to Hinduism. Reconverted Hindu ladies performed Sri Rama Pattabhishekam Vratam in Visakhapatnam. Sri Swamiji talked about the significance of Sri Rama Pattabhishekam and the role of Lord Rama in preserving dharma in his empire. He briefly talked about Lord Rama’s birth, how he was exiled into the forest, the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana, and the eventual war between Lord Rama and Ravana. November 18 TTD Must Initiate Ghar Waapasi and Stop Conversion – Watch YouTube Presentation In order to protect and promote Hindu Dharma, TTD must initiate GHAR WAAPASI – welcoming back to Hindu Dharma those who converted to Christianity for various dubious and questionable reasons. As per the guidelines of Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad, the arm of TTD is “to preserve, propagate and promote Hindu Dharma as the official dharmic face of TTD by organizing different devotional programs and HDPP conducted various religious programs to bring the Lord closer to his devotees and also to enhance and enrich the spiritual and devotional quotient in TTD activities.” Thus the Initiation of Ghar Waapasi is consistent with the agenda of HDPP.                                        November 5 Is Andhra Morphing into a Lawlessness State? Tried to withdraw FIRS against Muslim Youth; High Court Intervened. Andhra Pradesh appears to be heading toward lawlessness. State government and Police departments are eroding the trust of the people due to their slanted treatment toward minorities and hatred toward majority Hindus. As we are aware that the safety and security of the People and property rest in the hands of the government, particularly in the hands of the Director of General Police (DGP).      Click on the link to read the article and YouTube video presentation.                                        October 30 GHHF Navaratri Celebrations conducted in Vishakhapatnam by Sri Saidatta Manasa Swamy Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was happy to associate with Sai Datta Manasa Peetham, headed by Swami Saidatta Lokeswarananda Maharaj who conducted nine days of Navaratri and Vijaya Dashami. He started the celebrations by conducting  Ganesh Puja, Kalasha Aradhana and Gopuja along with performing puja to one of the manifestations of Durga Devi. Starting on October 17, it will go through until 25. Many reconverted Hindus participated in the ten day festival.   October 26 Organized Navaratri Festival in Bengaluru was a Grand Success. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) has organized ten days of Navaratri and Vijayadashami function which was attended by about 175  to 350 people in the neighborhood depending on the day.  Sri Rama Sharma Kasibhatla, one of the Board members of GHHF planned to organize this function. As we are all aware that may Hindus in the neighborhood were hesitant and did not encourage him. They all live L&T Tower Complex located in Bellary Road, Shabhari Nagar, Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru.  October 24 Pravachanam by Dr. Prakash Rao Velagapudi on the significance of Navaratri to Bengaluru Chapter About the Speaker: Dr. Prakash Rao Velagapudi is founding member of World Hindu Temple Society of Mississippi (HTSM) and served as its President from 1986 to 1991. With his leadership, many temples were established in the United States of America. He was awarded the title of “Spiritual Seva Leader” and the title “Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award” among few other awards. He has co-authored many books on spiritual and cultural topics October 19 Christianization of TTD Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been communicating with Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) regarding various issues including the presence of Christians in various sections. We talked to several people who are working in TTD to get information about the number of Christians working in TTD. They mentioned that as many as 15-20 percent of employees are Christians.                On December 24, 2019, four of us met with Sri Anil Kumar Shingal (EO) and Sri Basant Kumar (JEO) and mentioned what is going on BIRRD hospital. Eight-page concerns have been submitted to them. We informed that many Nurses working in the hospital are Christians and they are humiliating, harassing, and insulting the Hindu nurses openly and everybody knows about it. October 16 Laksha Chandi Maha Yagnam starts today -October 16- until October 26. Please Register S3 Foundation is organizing Laksha (100,000) Chandi Maha Yagnam in Memphis TN, USA during Navaratri Time, October 16 thru 26  for Loka Kalyanam and Vishwa Shanti. To our knowledge, nobody has conducted this kind of Yagnam at this scale. Chandi Homa is conducted to invoke the blessings of Goddess Chandi – the fierce and powerful form of Goddess Shakti. She is an embodiment of power, energy, fearlessness, courage, bravery, and the divine forces, that safeguard all of us from evil forces, internal enemies,  external threats, mysterious ailments,  and create a balance between body and mind. October 7 Sai Krishna of National Hub interviewed Prakasarao Velagapudi on the Plight of Hinduism in Andhra                         On October 4, 2020, Sai Krishna of National Hub posted his interview with Prakasarao Velagapudi, the President of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, on what is happening to Hinduism in Andhra Pradesh. A number of issues were discussed in the interview such as the recent atrocities on Hindu Temples, breaking of Hindu Murthies, burning of Radhams (Chariots), insulting Hinduism. The year 2020 started with a major destruction of Hindu Temples, and Hindu Gods in Pittapuram. They destroyed as many as 23 Murthies going street by street and even Gods’ pictures on Flexies. Initially, the government said that a mentally deranged person has done it. With intense protects by many Hindu groups, AP government has agreed to assign the case to CBI.  Since the last 18 months, AP government is eyeing on the Hindu Temples' lands and also deplete the lands assigned to Goshalas. September 25 Kodali Nani’s deranged rants against Hindu Gods; Jagan Mohan Reddy, with no faith and reverence to Lord Venkateswara, entered Balaji Temple. Kodali Nani’s statements on the hand breaking of Sri Hanumanji, missing silver lions from Kanaka Durga Temple, and burning of Radham in Antarvedi created an uproar among Hindus and all over the State. His statements are amount to a mad dog barking at his boss who feeds him. Let us see what he said that made Hindus so upset and feel hurtful. To listen to video rebuke please click on the link: September 22 TTD Should initiate GHAR WAAPASI – Part 2 In this part, the author examines how Hindu Customs are adopted to deceive Hindu Community to convert it to Christianity. By Prakasarao Velagapudi - September 22, 2020 This is part 2 of the letter that was sent on August 27, 2020, to TTD Board Chairman and other officials to discuss and respond. Part 1 can be accessed here. Let us examine some of the Hindu Customs Christians have adopted/digested to deceive Hindu Community to convert it to Christianity: The huge sums of money collected by Christian missionaries from their congregations at the world level are used to create opportunities to pull financially disadvantaged Hindus into conversion – by offering education, jobs, medical treatment, and other favours in exchange. September 17 TTD should initiate GHAR WAAPASI In order to protect and promote Hindu Dharma, TTD should initiate GHAR WAAPASI – welcoming back to Hindu Dharma who converted to Christianity for various dubious and questionable reasons writes Prakasarao Velagapudi - Global Hindi Heritage Foundation (GHHF) has been communicating with the TTD officials for the last 15 years on various issues. We have met almost all the Executive Officers and Chairmen and talked about the need to protect the interests of Hindus. We met all the Chief Ministers,  Endowment Ministers and other officials and submitted our concerns. GHHF is concerned about the dwindling Hindu population even in Tirupati.    September 11 GHHF Protests were organized in Tirupati Regarding the burning of Antarvedi Temple Radham and submitted petition to Collector’s Office. On September 9, 2020, the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, VHP, BJP, RSS and other organizations organized protects in Tirupati expressing their outrage toward the burning of 62-year-old historical Radham belonging to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at Antarvedi in West Godavari District. They demanded that the government should take all the precautions to preserve the Hindu Temples. They expressed their displeasure in handling the hate crimes against Hindu Gods and Hindu Temples. The government is not keen on taking preventive measures to stop the attacks on Hindu Temples by other faiths. Even the investigations are not taken seriously as they have not submitted any reports on other incidents like Pittapuram.                             Memorandum Submitted to Collector’s Office and RDO September 6 Hinduism in Nutshell presentation It will be presented on September 7 at 7:00pm ( ET) to Balagokulam of Amrit Shakha in Virginia. Talk centered around the history of Sanatana Dharma, the scientific nature of Hinduism, how science substantiated Hindu view of the world, the scientific nature of Hindu Temples, the traditions and customs related Hindu Temples, the four pillars of Hinduism – Karma, Reincarnation, Guru Tattva, and Multiplicity of Gods.  The Power Point Presentation was presented to the group.   August 31 Bharath Today TV interviews Prakasarao Velagapudi on its 5th Anniversary. I was asked to give my impressions about Bharat TVs role in preserving Hindu Dharma and protecting Bharata Mata. I explained how Global Hindu Heritage Foundation associated with Sri Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati, how we worked closely on Vakulamata Temple, Islamic University, Dalit Community and Ratha Yatra. Talked about how we organised Sri Swamiji’s programs in USA, discussed about starting TV station if Modiji gets elected in 2014, and our personal association with Sri Swamiji. August 30 GHHF Distribution of Masks Farm laborers and Dry food items to the needy in Telangana  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in association with Nity Satyam organization went around a number villages and distributed hundreds of Face Masks to the laborers working on the fields and also talked about the mission of GHHF. We are committed to help the needy in various ways to enable the principles of Sanatana Dharma and why we should be proud of being in born in Hinduism. About 25 families in villages received the dry food items enough for about two weeks. Corona Virus is still rampant in certain areas in Telangana. August 18 Inaction against Christians at TTD is Appalling and Disgraceful On August 9, 2020 EO Sri Anil Kumar Shingal stated that “ strict action will be taken on the complaints on any employee working in TTD, a Hindu religious institution practice or professes other religious faiths found true. “ He also said  that  the management will not hesitate to take action on any employee found indulging in other religious propagation or practicing it.                But he never investigated, nor did he spot check the houses to find out if they are practicing Hindus or not. Please click on this link to find out about our meeting with EO Sri Shingalji and what was discussed.                               August 9 TWO Big Trucks with Buffalo Meat were Stopped; They are in Police Custody in Vishakhapatnam. As you all know, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been working with Sri Saidatta Manasa Swamy on a number of projects. On Friday they got some information that two big Trucks filled with Buffalo meet are passing through Vishakhapatnam. They planned successfully stopped the trucks. Drivers first refused to open the doors by saying it was grains, then said they were prawns, then said just meat.                Finally, they were forced to open the doors pf these trucks. They were all airconditioned trucks filled with frozen boxes. Our people finally opened some of the boxes.  Each truck is carrying 36 tons of Buffalo meat. They reported to the Police Department in Pendurthi. July 17 Christians Criticize GHAR WAPSI Plans in Vishakhapatnam; Alleged Police came to find out about Ghar Wapsi; Swami Saidatta writes a letter to Police Commissioner. Missionaries come with crucifix in one hand and dagger in the other, to cut your throats or force you to accept their customs and opinions' -Denis Diderot (French philosopher, and chief editor of the L'Encyclopedie) As many of you are aware that the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation initiated the GHAR WAPSI program in the Vishakhapatnam area to welcome those Christians who went on the wrong pathway for a number of different reasons. Admission in the educational institutions, different types of allurement, alleged job opportunities, alleged cure of diseases, fear of Satan pounding them if they are not converted, discrimination by Hindus, deceptive Christian tricks on the most illiterate people, Miracle boxes, easy loans to woo the Hindus, the promise of houses and other methods are used by Christian missionaries to convert Hindus to Christianity. FOUR CHRISTIAN LEADERS DISCUSSION ON GHAR WAPSI  When GHHF announced the plans to welcome converted Christians back to Hinduism, Christian leaders organized a discussion about Ghar Wapsi. The Christians who participated in the discussion are: 1) Bro. T S Kumar (AICC), 2) Bro. Eshwar Daniel (RKP – Rashtriya Kraistaya Parishad); 3) Bro. James RK; 4) Bro. John Koyya (CJAC) July 6 Is TTD  promoting Christianity by sending Christian magazine along with TTD magazine Saptagiri. Hindus are donating money to TTD to promote Christianity and also for the government. It is siphoning Hindu money to transfer it to Government exchequer. Do you want your money to be used for Christians and government? Persons responsible in sending this Christian magazine must be terminated from the position.  It is time again to look into the Christianization of TTD and who would do something like this. TTD should come out openly announce the names of persons responsible for sending this Christian magazine and remove them. WE NEED YOUR HELP We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 7 people so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers. How you can help 1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level. 2) Dollar a Day: On can select this option by pledging a dollar a day in support of Ghar Waapasi efforts 3) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.   DONATIONS PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the General Donation category. By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco TX 75035. It is tax-deductible. For more information, call Prakasarao Velagapudi at 601-918-7111; Email:   The previous part-1 of the article can be accessed below link:
22 Dec 2020

GHHF Activities and Accomplishments January to June 2020; Year - End Donations Requested to Continue Ghar Waapasi. Part-1

"After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and no so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future.” Anne Besant As you all aware, that Hindu population is declining due to massive Christian efforts to convert as many people as possible. While we keep writing books and articles, engage in endless discussions, organizing Conferences, and participating in demonstrations, we are losing our Hindus day by day. If all the efforts we were doing till now had some impact on reversing the trend, it would have been great. As we concentrate on out intellectual endeavors, Christians are concentrating on conversion. It is time for all the intellectuals and activists to pause few minutes and look at the ground realities. Our intellectual endeavors and activists’ protests are not reaching the villages where conversion is rampant. You cannot ignore or turn away from what is happening on the ground. As you know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is working closely with likeminded people to do two things to stop the Christian menace: 1. Stop the conversion of innocent Hindus into other religions 2. Welcome back those who were converted to Christianity through deception force, fear, and allurement. Following are the SELECTIVE Activities and Accomplishments from January To June 2020. June 29 TWO weeks supply of DRY Items to Archakas / PRIESTS in Agency areas and Villages were provided in Tirupati and Visakhapatnam On June 26, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) in association with Sri Saidatta Mansa Peetham has distributed 18 Dry food items to about 25 Priests. On June 19 and 20, GHHF / Savetemples distributed two weeks supply of dry goods to 50 Priests in three Mandalas: Chandragiri Mandalam, Ramachandra Puram Mandalam, and Veduru Kuppam Mandalam. As we mentioned earlier, many Archakas in VILLAGES are experiencing hardships and struggling to feed their families. GHHF is planning to distribute these items in Chittoor, Tirupati, Guntur, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam areas. We completed the distribution in Tirupathi and  Vijayawada. We are in the process of completing in Vishakhapatnam. June 15 Providing TWO weeks supply of DRY Items to Archakas / PRIESTS in VILLAGES                With your generous donations, recently Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) provided Rs 5000 Cash contribution and a Saree for each Archaka / Priest family in Vijayawada, Bengaluru, and Kochin. Many of our friends in India brought to our attention that many Archakas in VILLAGES are experiencing hardships and struggling to feed their families. GHHF is planning to distribute these items in Chittoor, Tirupati, Guntur, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam areas.                We are planning to donate these following items: Rice, Wheat flour, Cooking Oil, Urad Dal, Moong Dal,  Brown Sugar, Tea Powder, Meal Packet, Chilli powder, Soaps, Tamarind, Turmeric, Sugar, Coconut oil,  Upma Ravva, Mustard Seeds, and other items. June 7 Annadanam to Needy Priests in VILLAGES is being planned. Your Support is appreciated. For the last two months many Archakas did not have enough resources to feed their families. Many organizations and individuals have concentrated in honoring the priests and their families. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation honored about 140 families in Vijayawada, Bengaluru and Kochin. Since the Lockdown due to the fear of spreading Coronavirus, all the Hindu Temples are closed. Now, many Pujaris / Hindu Temple priests are having a hard time meeting their basic needs. Many of them do not have any salaries either from the government of the private Temples. Most of them do not have enough savings to pay their rent and electricity. Furthermore, many private temples do not have enough income to pay their salaries. Recently, newspapers wrote about some priests begging on the streets as they could not provide meals for the family. That news pained so many people and some organizations are helping them financially. They are facing a grim and grave predicament. June 5 GHHF asked English Medium should be withdrawn in A.P. and Telugu Medium in classes from 1 thru 6 should be continued. GHHF requests the AP Govt to withdraw the GO 85 and continue with Telugu medium, the mother tongue is the best medium for transmitting information, ideas, and knowledge By Prakasarao Velagapudi -June 5, 2020 GHHF writes to Jaganmohan Reddy:  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) requests the Andhra Pradesh Government to abandon the idea of introducing English as a medium of instructions replacing Telugu for the classes 1 thru 6 and gradually increasing each further class up to 10th grade. Our reasons to continue the Telugu medium are listed below. June 2 GHHF 116 Priests and their families were honored on June 2 in Vijayawada Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in collaboration with SGS Avadhuta Datta Peetham of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji honored the 116 Priests with their wives at AGS Avadhuta Datta Peetham in Vijayawada on June 2 (Tuesday). We are grateful to Sri Chandra Mohan, who has taken the full responsibility to identify 116 priest, make necessary arrangements, decorate the hall, plan the seating arrangements, and follow Covid – 19 guidelines. He has done a great job by paying attention to every details. On this great Occasion, each priest was honored with  Rs 5000. F other wives, each one was given one Sari with Blouse, one Fruit, Turmeric, Kumkum, Beetle leaves with nut powder, two Masks and Rs 11. Main program started at 10:00am and continued till 1:00pm. Media: Sakshi, Eenadu , ABN Andhra Jyoti, I News , TV 9, NTV , TV5 Citi Cable Media attended. For every 30mnts Scrolling has delivered. May 30 How Vote Bank Politics of Hindu Leaders have leads to menacing Proportions Sree Iyer interviewed Prakasarao Velagapudi  with regard to the Hindu politicians’ thirst to please minorities and decimate Hinduism, Greed, lack of leadership and selfishness have driven Indian politicians to pander to extreme lengths the demands of some minorities, says Prakasarao Velagapudi in this wake-up call video. Some of the consequences of this are explained too. The 3 part series can be accessed at - May 18 Muslims menace decimating Secular India. Words of B R Ambedkar and Mohammad Ali Jinnah on Hindu and Hindustan The only way to make Hindustan homogeneous is to arrange for the exchange of population. Until that is done, it must be admitted that even with the creation of Pakistan, the problem of majority vs. minority will remain in Hindustan as before and will continue to produce disharmony in the body politic of Hindustan.” B R Ambedkar. “There is no other way but to divide India. Give Muslims their homeland and give Hindus Hindustan.” Mohammad Ali Jinnah. May 15   GHHF Annadanam to Farm Laborers in TWO Locations in Guntur Continuing Before Guntur was declared Red Zone, we were distributing food to two different colonies - Swarna Bharati Colony, and Siva Nagaraj Colony. Now we decided to serve meals in two different Villages - one in the morning and the other village in the evening.   May 12 GHHF Annadana Service Farm Laborers near Chittoor was done on May 10th Annadana Seva is being organized in different locations in and around Chittoor. On Sunday, Sri Vijaya Kumar arranged the meals in Thotaana Palle village where the majority of the residents are BCs in Vedurakuppam Mandalam. Annadanam is being provided by the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation(GHHF) in association with RSS and other organizations in Chittoor. Sri V. Jayakumar, a practicing lawyer and Karya kartha of RSS organized a meeting on the importance of maintaining social distance and the importance of lockdown. May 11 Kashaayam Distribution resumed in Visakhapatnam As you are aware that there was a gas leak killing about 12 people. May 19th, we resumed the distribution of Kashayam. kashaayam – a kind of spiced tea – is an Ayurvedic tea brewed with several spices to boost immunity so that they would not be contracted with viruses so easily. One can take for his well-being, good health, and strength. It is quite common in India to make Kashayam during the cold weather so that they develop immunity to prevent the spread of cough, cold and fever. Also, it is given to persons who may be having fever, sneezing, and coughing. Sri Srinivas Pinnamaneni, who volunteered to organize the event, prepares fresh Kashayam every day and distributed hot Kashayama May 8 GHHF 28th day of Feeding Cows, Monkeys, and Birds near Anantapur area. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is incredibly happy to have the opportunity to serve these innocent animals for the last two weeks. Joining hands with the 1988/91 Degree batch, we are also able to feed these animals in Gooty and R S areas in addition to the Anantapur area. Sri Rama Sharma Kasibhatla, the Board member of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and who coordinates our activities in Karnataka and other States in India received requests from different sources about the pitiable condition of these animals. are able to provide food and water to these animals.   April 20 Savetemples Office in Tirupati Honors Street Sweepers on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Jayanthi – April 14.   In recognizing the services of the street sweepers who maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhoods and to acknowledge the dignity of labor, Savetemples office employees K. Reddappa and K. Subbanna honored a few street sweepers with GHHF shawl and some cash in Tirupati.   April 11 5000 masks are distributed in Villages near Visakhapatnam As many of you  know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has offices in India - Tirupati, Hyderabad, Guntur and Pendurthi. Sri Saidatta Swamy in Pendurthi has graciously agreed to coordinate all our Savetemples activities to make sure that we keep the unity among Hindus by preventing Christian encroachment.  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Dana Dharma Charitable Trust and Sri Saidatta Manasa Trust jointly distributed more than 5000 masks to the poor villagers, police officers, health professionals, small businesspeople and other needy people surrounding Pendurthi area near Visakhapatnam. April 9 Appreciation Lunch served for First Responders attending to Coronavirus Patients in Dallas/Fort Worth Area for next 4 weeks "Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely in words. Gratitude is shown is acts." Henri Frederic Amiel. Many Hindu organizations and individual donors decided to provide LUNCH to the First Responders who are taking care of Coronavirus patients. Hindu Community is providing lunch under the banner of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation.                                                 Lunch will be provided to the police officers and medical professionals for the next four weeks.  Estimate cost for serving the meals is approximately $50,000.00        April 7 Karma Theory: Do the Actions have Consequences? Part 2 This is the second article on Karma Theory. Once you click on this link, it will give the link for Part 1. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan offers insight into how karma works in terms of one’s own choice. Life is like a game of bridge. We did not invent the game or design the cards. We did not frame the rules and we cannot control the dealings. The cards are dealt out to us, whether they be good or bad. To that extent, determinism rules. But we can play the game well or play it badly. A skillful player may have a poor hand and yet win the game. A bad player may have a good hand and yet make a mess of it. Our life is a mixture of necessity and freedom, chance and choice. By exercising our choice properly, we can control steadily all the elements and altogether determinism by nature. (The Bhagavad Gita. London: Allen and Unwin, 1948) March 8  Swamini Nilooferji spoke on Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living in Hanuman Temple. On March 7, Nilooferji talked about the meaning and relevance of the verse 16 in Chapter 17 of Bhagavad Gita. The verse reads like this: manaḥ-prasādaḥ saumyatvaṁ maunam ātma-vinigrahaḥ bhāva-sanśhuddhir ity etat tapo mānasam uchyate  She explained the real meaning of each of the five words in the sloka. In a very simple and clear manner she described the essence of the sloka with a number of examples. March 4 Karma Theory: Relevance to the Modern Corrupt Society “If you oppress a man, you will suffer oppression in this or another life and reap the fruits of the seed you have sown in this life. If you feed the poor, you will have plenty of food in this or another life. There is no power on the earth, which can stop the actions from yielding their fruits. Such is the Law of Karma.” Swami Sivananda   March 1 Why we Support CAA - every country has its own immigration policy. Why not India? Watch this YouTube presentation. The people who oppose are either selfish politicians, Muslims, Congress and other political parties, or people paid by foreigners to encourage anti-CAA demonstrations and terrorism. Every country uses selective method to control the inflow of people from other countries. Nothing new. USA adopted Lautenburg Amendment in 1990 enabling the resettlement of Jews from the former Soviet Union. Later it amended allowing persecuted religious minorities such as Jews, Christians and Bahais from Iran. Later it says non-Muslim minorities from Islamic Countries. Now some Democratic Party  Candidates criticize CAA while they supported the persecuted minorities from Muslim Countries. February 24 WE SUPPORT CAA meeting was a Great Success Global Hindu Heritage Foundation organized a meeting in SUPPORT OF CAA on February 23 in Plano Texas. . As we are all aware that Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by both the houses and became an ACT on December 12, 2019.. Nine speakers spoke about the content of CAA, and how it became an Act. Discussed about the agitation taking place in India. February 17 Attended Samskriti Bharati program on Feb 15 Samskriti Bharati conducted a cultural program where ever body was required to speak in Sanskrit. More than hundred twenty five children and adults participated in various cultural activities - some sang songs, some played skits, some did shopping, some recognised the greatness Swami Vivekananda and others. Almost everybody got a chance to prove their skills in speaking Samskriti February 6 Criswell College Students Visited Hanuman Temple CRISWELL college professor, Dr Scott Bridger brought about ten students to know about Hinduism and to take a tour of Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple on February 4 at 9:00am. Laxmi Tummala and I presented power point presentation on Hinduism. We talked about the uniqueness of Hinduism and scientific advances made for centuries. We talked about the concepts of ahimsa, Dharma, tolerance, patience and moksha.   January 26 My interview with Sri Sree Iyer of PGURUS on TTD It was prompted by my letter I had written to E O of TTD about various issues related TTD. Talked about Christian aggressiveness in BRRD hospital, 44 non- Hindu employees, abuse of TTD funds, inadequacy of dharma Prachara, need for conducting Sunday school to children and so on. January 19 Attended Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 30th Anniversary Celebrations on January 12 Before I left India to USA, I was invited to attend as a Special Guest. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju Garu has been a backbone of this Bhavan for decades who coordinated the event. Two guests - one from Sanskrit College and another one from Chennai - gave inspirational speech to the graduating students and awarded the prizes to the students. I was given the opportunity to give the honors to the Guest speakers.   January 13 Last batch of Bhajan groups received musical instruments from GHHF We went to Chandragiri village and met about 75 people who are engaged in singing bhajans in the Hanuman Temple. We spoke about the importance of bhajans and how they protecting Hindu dharma in the villages. We gifted them one tabala, kanjeera, and ten bells to do bhajans. We mentioned that Christian nuns will come and target women in the villages; they should be careful. January 10 Sugguna Karunakar of Shiva Shakti interviewed Prakasarao Velagapudi The YouTube link given below is the result of an interviewing Dr. Velagapudi Prakasarao by Sri Sugguna Karunamakar. The interview was done in Telugu language. Hence, this brief in English is presented. January 9 Distributed Bhajan Instruments to ten villages. On January 9th morning GHHF and Savetemples invited ten village Bhajan Mandals to assemble at Dharma Raaja Devalayam in Veduru Kuppam village. We briefly talked about our mission and how we support our Hindu Dharma activities such as Bhajan Groups. We compared the richness of Hind Dharma with other religions. When Christians come to your village, we talked about methods to encounter as per law. We asked them to find out if any of the churches in their villages are built with permission or not. We can legally proceed to remove them if built without permission. We donated one mrudangam, kanjera and ten bells for each villages bhajan groups to motivate them to do more bhajans. January 2 Met with Hon. Srinivas Velampally the Minister for Endowments in his Office in Vijayawada We discussed about 20 issue pertaining to the TTD, Christian activities, and other Temple matters. He said he is very much interested in addressing the issues and he will do his best to look into them.             WE NEED YOUR HELP We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 7 people so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers. DONATIONS: We would appreciate your YEAR-END tax deductible donation to continue our activities to revive our Hindu traditions, protect our Temples, and also to start Ghar Waapasi to expand our base. PayPal Method: To donate visit our website. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select Annadanam Category or General Donation category. By Check: Or you can send a check payable to: GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco TX 75035. It is tax-deductible. For more information, call Prakasarao Velagapudi at 601-918-7111; E-mail address:
20 Dec 2020

[GHHF] International Day of Yoga: Contribution of Whitman and Swami Vivekananda – Part 1

[GHHF] International Day of Yoga: Contribution of Whitman and Swami Vivekananda – Part 2
21 Jun 2020

[GHHF] International Day of Yoga: Contribution of Whitman and Swami Vivekananda – Part 2

NOTE: Please read Part - 1 of the article by clicking on the link below:
21 Jun 2020

GHHF Activities and Accomplishments December 18, 2019 - January 15, 2020

Dear Friends:                 I was in India for about 11 weeks and spent about two weeks attending the 11 days of Atirudra Yagam organized by Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji in Varanasi / Kasi with more than 116 priests who have done Homas for about five hours every day morning  followed by evening discourses and bhajans.                 Then we went to Hyderabad and met Swami Paripoornananda Swamiji. We also met several Shiva Shakti team for two times. Sugguna Karunakar, Kalyan Kumar, Santosh and others. I was ably interviewed by Karunakar which was released on January 10, 2020. As of January 21, more than 54,000 people watched.                 We have met a host of people in Tirupati where we started our office in 2018. We also met four attorneys who are willing to help any writ petitions we want to file to make sure the sanctity of our Temples ismaintained, and Hindu dharma is preserved and protected.                 Are Churches built illegally? As per our knowledge that many churches are built without permit.  We are planning to take appropriate to address these issues.                 Please visit our earlier report on the actions and accomplishments of the earlier report in our website: December 18 GHHF supports Bhajan Brundas in Tirupati Area; Donates musical instruments On December 18 evening Save temples office organized Bhajans in Chandragiri by inviting 10 bhajan groups to Mette Gangamma Temple. We spoke briefly about our commitment to preserve and promote our Hindu traditions. By singing bhajans every day in the village will preserve our age old Nagara sankirtan tradition. We talked to them about how to encounter Christians when they come to their village. Appreciating their effort, we donated one Mridangam, kanjira and ten bhajan bells.   December 19 Met BJP leader Sri Bhanu Prakash Reddy We have a long association with Bhanu since we started GHHF in 2006. We worked together on many issues such as Vakula Mata Temple, Islamic University etc. He invited us to his residence and spent some time talking about our mutual interests. He filed many cases in the high court and did protests on numerous occasions. He even went to High Court to stop the funding of non-religious projects such sewer system, road widening, flyover construction and others. He contested the funding of more than 400 crores of TTD money for the construction of Garuda Varadi. December 20 Meeting with Sri Swaroopananda Saraswathi in Tirupati On December 20 evening we met with Sri Swaroopananda, Peethadhipati of Visakha Sharada Peetham and discussed about various issues - Christian menace in TTD, Salaries to the pastors and imams, 50 percent reservations to SC, BC and ST communities. He wanted me to share a letter I drafted to the TTD chairman. In few hours we went and shared the letter containing our concerns. He wanted us to update the information periodically. We presented two books to His Holiness. We also briefly with Sri Bala Swamy and mentioned about our concerns.   December 20 Met Brahmashri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma in Tirupati. On December 20th morning I had the privilege of meeting Sri Shanmukha Sharma in Tirupati where he was doing pravachanam on Bhagavat Puranam focusing on the essence of Bhagavan Krishna. I had about one hour meeting discussing about various things about the current affairs and how to address them.   December 22 Another 10 Bhajan groups received musical instruments from GHHF We went Ramachandrapuram village and met about 75 people who are engaged in singing bhajans in the in the nearby Hindu Temple. We spoke about the importance of bhajans and how they can protect Hindu dharma in the villages. We gifted them one Mridangam, kanjira, and ten bells to do bhajans. We mentioned that Christian nuns will come and target women in the villages; they should be careful. They asked as to face them when they come to the villages. We told them that they should keep some kumkum, turmeric and prasadam like sugar in their houses. When Christians come to their houses, simply tell them that it is our custom to invite people by putting kumkum on their forehead, applying turmeric on their face and giving prasadam. Since their religion would not permit any of these, they will run away from their house and village. We asked them to be prepared with these three items when they come to their village.   December23 Met with Sri Anil Kumar Shingal, E O of TTD Last week, four of us met with E O of TTD and presented eight-page concerns. When we start discussing, he called JEO Basant Kumar to participate in the discussing, as he oversees BIRRD hospital. We talked about non-Hindus in TTD and hospital, demeaning of Hindus by Christians, dress code, RTI, honorariums to Christians and Muslims, 50 reservations for BCs, SCs and STs, Stay order by High Court on 44 Christians, initiation of Sunday schools, and other concerns. He spent nearly one hour and said he will try to address them as much as possible. We gifted our books "Reviving Hinduism" and " Ambushing Hinduism" to both.   December 26 Attended Virat Hindustan Sangam Annual meeting in New Delhi Dr. Subramanian Swamy organized this meeting inviting all State representatives who reported their activities. Five representatives from USA also attended and reported the problems and promises of PIOs and NRIs. See Iyer, Guruvayurappan, Aditya Sarasangi, Hasmukh Patel and me talked about our experiences and numerous activities we have been associated with to exemplify the richness of Hindu Dharma.   December 27 Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma Garu recognized my efforts to protect Hindu Dharma We met Sri Samavedam Garu in the green room before he was to give pravachanam at Mahati Auditorium. We discussed about my letter to EO of TTD. Then we proceeded to the stage. Before he began his pravachanam, he told the audience that he is going introduce one yuvakudini (young man) to all of you. He lives in USA and doing a lot for protecting Hindu Temples and Hindu dharma. He is Velagapudi Prakasarao who is only 81 years and invited me on to the stage and honored me with a shawl and a book.   December 29 GHHF/Save temples have organized an event at Padmavathi college in Tirupati.             Dr. Subramanya Swamy and Sri Paripoornananda Saraswathi were invited as Guest Speakers. Dr Swamy reiterated that his legal combat would continue until all Hindu Temples are freed from the clutches of Government control. They should be under the control of Hindu society. He made a controversial statement by saying that there is no evidence of AP trying to Christianize the world renowned Tirupati. “I don’t believe the propaganda of the Chief Minister’s opponents that he is trying to Christianize Tirupati. I have found no evidence of it.”                 This is contrary to all the information we have from different sources. We have submitted a Memorandum on this topic to Sri Anil Kumar Shingal by saying that there are about 15 percent Christians practicing Christianity in violation of the Temple guidelines.                 He also demanded that the TTD should be audited over the last five years by CAG and should be made available to the public.   Hindu leader and Sreepeetham Peethadhipathi Swami Paripoornananda Saraswathi also addressed the meeting emphasizing the need for propagation of Hindu tradition and culture and for protection of temple institution and save the temples. He announced that there are about 15 percent Christians deceptively working without revealing their identity.                 He said that he is ready to go on Pada Yatra to highlight the importance of maintain the sacredness of Hindu Temples and submit the concerns to Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy.   December 31 and January 2 Discussed several issues with Sri Velampalli Srinivas, Endowment Minister of AP On 31st of December I had the opportunity to meet the Minister in Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji Ashram in Vijayawada. I talked to him on the phone before and corresponded from USA. He recognized me immediately even though we never met before. He invited us to come and meet him personally. On January 2, we met at his office at his house and discussed several issues related to TTD and other Hindu temples. He said he is very much interested in addressing the issues and he will do his best to investigate them.   January 6 Attended Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival at Nizamabad Temple Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji celebrated Vaikunta Ekadasi program on January 6th. Darshan line started at 6:30am and continued till evening. Sri Swamiji gave a powerful speech on the nature of human beings as he explained the forest fires in Australia. Later explained the Bala Krishna story in graphic manner and with vivid colors. One can easily be transported the childhood pranks, mischiefs, innocence and naughtiness of Sri Krishna as he was going up with Yashoda.   January 8 Attended Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 30th Anniversary Celebrations Before I left India to USA, I was invited to attend as a Special Guest. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju Garu has been a backbone of this Bhavan for decades who coordinated the event. Two guests - one from Sanskrit College and another one from Chennai - gave inspirational speech to the graduating students and awarded the prizes to the students. I was given the opportunity to give the honors to the Guest speakers, Cultural activities were conducted in a very disciplined way and the students from ages 5- 16 were given prizes for their academic achievements.   December 10 Supeuna Karunakar of Shiva Shakti interviewed Prakasarap Vella gapulli The YouTube link given below is the result of an interviewing Dr. Velagapudi Prakasarao by Sri Sugguna Karunamakar. The interview was done in Telugu language. Hence this brief in English is presented http://https:/ Karunakar introduced me by saying that he has been living in USA for about 55 years and we will find how fashioned his life in the religious and spiritual life I introduced myself as hailing from a small village called Akarur about 25 kilometers from Vijayawada After high school gradation, I spent two years in Hindu college and two years National College in Machilipatnam to receiveBA degree and received MA degree from Andhra University. After working for two years in New Dehi, went to USA in 1965. received MA from Michigan State University and PhD from Mississippi State University. After working for 36, I retired as Chairmanof the Department of Sociology at Jackson State University MS. When I went to USA, I had no knowledge about therichness of HinduismI used avoid any discussion about Hinduism when my son was about 7 years he came back from school and wanted to find out when we will go to Church. That was the turning point that lead me to start conducting Sunday School it snowballed to start a Hindu Temple Society of Mississippi as a Co Founder and Chairman from 1985 to 1991. In 1990, I had the opportunity to meet Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and later was appointed as Chairman of Datta Yoga Center (DYC) with many centers in USA With his blessings, I coordinate different activities of Sri Swamiji including the construction of one of the largest Temples in USA Karya Sicchi Haruman Temple in Frisco, Texas USA Recently, DYC bought two Churches in Chicago and California to corwert them into Hindu Temples. After my retirement in 2006, I returned to India On August 23, I was reading Enadu newspaper to my surprise and shock that AP government issued GO 21 allowing crures ofrupees for the construction of new churches and renovation of old churches. Consequently, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was started in 2006 by a gap of highly professional people in USA with the purpose of freeing the Hindu Temples from the government control by challenging the Endowment Act in the court of law, and protecting and preserving Dharma Serving as President of GHHF since its inception In the interview a number of activitis and accomplishments are desobed. Please CLICK this link to watch the video.   January 12 Last batch of Bhajan groups received musical instruments from GHHF We went to Chandragiri village and met about 75 people who are engaged in singing bhajans in the Hanuman Temple. We spoke about the importance of bhajans, how they can protect Hindu dharma in the villages and how they can encounter Christian aggressiveness. We gifted them one Mridangam, kanjira, and ten bells to do bhajans. We mentioned that Christian nuns will come and target women in the villages; they should be careful. They asked as to face them when they come to the villages. We told them that they should keep some Kumkum, turmeric and prasadam like sugar in their houses. When Christians come to their houses, simply tell them that it is our custom to invite people by putting kumkum on their forehead, applying turmeric on their face and giving prasadam. Since their religion would not permit any of these, they will run away from their house and village. We asked them to be prepared with these three items when they come to their village.   NAMES OF THE VILLAGES WHO RECEIVED BHAJAN INSTRUMENTS 1.VEDURUKUPPAM MANDALM 1.ALLAMADUGU (AAW) 2.PERUMALLAPALLI 3.VENUGOPALAPURAM 4.KOMMAINDLU 5.CHINTHALAGUNTA 6.CHENCCHUGUDI 7.SADDIKOLLAPALLI 8.PACHHIKAPALAM 9.DEVALAMPETA 10.DAMARAKUPPAM 11.CHATTIGUNDLAPALLI 2.VADAMALAPETA MANDALAM 1.BUTREDDYKANDIGA 2.BALINAIDUKANDRIGA 3.VADAMALAPETA 4.VADAMALA 5.YANAMALAPALEM 6.MUDIPALLI 7.S V PURAM 3.KV PURAM MANDALAM 1.KOTA MANGAPURAM 2.OBULRAJU KANDRIGA 4.NARAYANAVANAM MANDALAM 1.SAMUDAYAM 2.GOVINDAPPA KANDRIGA 5.RAMACHANDRA PURAM MANDALAM 1.CHITTATTURU 2.KALEPALLI 3. KUPPAM BADURU 4.RAYALACHERUVU 5.TIMMARAJUPALLI 6.NR KAMPALLI 7.NATHHIKUPPAM 8.NADAVALURU (AAW) 9. NADAVALURU HW 10.AGRAHARAM 6.CHANDRAGIRI MANDALAM 1.CHANDRAGIRI 2. PULITTIVARIPALLI 3.VENKATAMPETA 4.THONDAVADA ( HW) 5.DORNAKAMBALA 6.DWARAKANAGAR 7.KONGARAVARIPALLI 8.THONDAWADA ST 7.RENIGUNTA MANDALAM 1. VEDALLA CHERUVU 8.TIRUPATHI MANADALAM 1.ANCHERUVU 2.DURGASAMUDRAM 3.MULLAPUDI 4.VEDANTHAPURAM 5.DHARMAKSHETRAM 9.PEDDAMANDYAM MANDALAM 1.BIKKAVANDLAPALLI 2. PEDDAMANDYAM 3.REDDYVARIPALLI 4. KURAVAPALLI 5.UPPARAPALLI _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you need further information on our activities in India, please contact us at:             Phone Number:     601-918-7111             Email:                              
22 Jan 2020

Global Hindus condemns the desecration of Sabarimala and call for respecting age-old traditions and beliefs.

Hindus across the world condemn the premeditated desecration of Sabarimala and the widespread police atrocities against devotees. Sabarimala is a largest pilgrimage center in the world with estimated number of 50 million devotees visiting every year. The Supreme Court verdict allowing women between the age of 10-50 in response to a petition by non-devotees is an attack on the fabric of Hinduism behind the name of the religious reform and equality. It is against the temple age old-traditions, faith, customs and discriminatory towards Hindus Protests are being held at various temples, consulates and other areas worldwide to condemn the State Government actions, police atrocities and express solidarity to the devotees who bravely blocked the efforts to sacrilege the place. The handful of the women who attempted to enter have little respect to the sacredness of the place. It deeply hurt the sentiments of Hindus worldwide to find out about the Muslim woman activist who attempted to enter carrying a stained sanitary napkin as an offering to the deity.   The current events being planned are: New York, Saturday, Oct 27th, 10AM – 12 noon EST,Indian Consulate, 7002, 3 East 64th St, New York, NY 10065 Chicago, Saturday Oct 27th, 10AM – 12 noon CST, 343 Saint Paul Blvd, Carol Stream, IL 60188 Transportation in New Jersey: BUS from the parking lot across the street opposite Apna Bazaar, Edison, NJ (1681 Oak Tree Rd), leaves at 8 AM.   Several more events are already done and more being planned at various cities. A running list will be maintained at the link below to the extent possible. We urge the Hindus that this is not an isolated event but a planned and premeditated attack on the religion by anti-hindu forces, particularly the Christian missionary establishment, leftists and other break India forces. Such attack by Christian missionary establishment on the temple in the prior years is well known (arson and vandalism in 1950). The fact that the temple receives 50 million devotees per year makes it the prime target to destroy the 'pagan' religion using every possible method they have tuned from the experience they had after destroying the natives from Americas to Africa to Asia. The Supreme court judges of India who first allowed this petition by non-devotees and then made a judgment brushing aside the defendants arguments that in Hinduism the deity is considered a living God (Prana Pratishta) and the celibate nature of the deity is the reason for not allowing women of age 10-50 and it is not patriarchal since the Kerala/Malayalee community is in fact a matriarchal society, reflected a colonist mindset of our judiciary who are out of touch with general populace. Supreme Court is being selective and discriminatory when they find violation of fundamental rights because of restrictions of single Hindu temple but does not find anything violated with the restrictions of Muslim women from almost every Mosque in the country. And that too a restriction which every Hindu devotee respects and adheres!! Five non-Hindu activist’s concerns matter, but 1 billion+ Hindus’ faith not? Besides, the Hindu religion is the only major religion in the world that worships feminity in worship in grandest manner as demonstrated by nine-day celebration of Durga during Navarathri festival. The women who are asking temple access are simply trying to denigrate Hinduism and to tear down the fabric of Hinduism and are tools of the larger systematic to break apart Hinduism and then Bharat. It is important to understand that they are not doing for our sisters, daughters, and moms but an evil agenda. All Hindu reforms should come from within Hindus after thorough analysis, research, study, and understanding. Hindus would involve dharma gurus and scholars to bring needed reforms. Unlike others, Hinduism is progressive and flexible religion. We have reformed in the past and do not need any external elements, especially anti-Hindu regiment to force us. Supreme Court has no business in hearing cases on religion unless there is a systematic discrimination. This is not isolated event. The murder of Swami Laxmananda because of his work discouraging conversions in 2008, orchestrated by Rajya Sabha congress member and head of Christian missionary Organization World vision, the arrest of Sankaracharya based on bogus allegations because his work with Dalits is a thorn for conversions, the engineered allegations against Shri Sathya Sai Baba to mass conversions are just few of the examples of direct assault on fabric of Bharat and its ethos by using hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign funding. One by one Hindu way of life is being restricted with a web of media, judiciary and sold out prominent people, just as they did across the world. Dubious organizations and reasons invented to restrict celebration of Hindu festivals like Diwali and Holi and Hindu way of life. Mahatma Gandhi severely criticized the missionary activities and methods and said if he has a chance he would legislate banning all such activities. His strong opposition to the missionary activities is well known. We urge Hindu, no matter where you are to wake up and take note of the designs of anti-India and anti-Hindu forces and take action, before it is too late. Contact the following inmdividuals for additional Information: Satya Dosapati (overall): +1-732-939-2060 RajyalaxmiShaha (NJ): + 1-609-271-0189, Hemant Patel (Chicago):  + 1-847-858-8865,
26 Oct 2018

Should a Sanyasi or a Swami Enter Politics? Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Powerful,Forceful, and Timely Answer

For many years, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has been conducting Question and Answer Session every Sunday afternoon wherever He is - whether he is in Mysore or foreign countries. In fact, books were also published on these Q& A Sessions for the benefit of the readers. Many people have been asking Sri Swamiji about Advaita philosophy, Reincarnation, Bhakti Yoga, Guru Tattva, Conversions, Dharma and many other topics. Question by a Devotee On October 21, Mr. Bala Subramanyam asked Sri Swamiji the question: Saints, Seers, Yogis, Siddhis, Swamiji’s have been working for the protection of Bharat tirelessly to preserve peace and harmony.   Saints who belong to this tradition have taken U-turn from their tradition and entering politics. In fact, one saintwho came to Mysore Ashram did Sashtanga Namaskaram to Sri Swamiji, spent one night here and spoke and went back. I do not want to mention the name of that saint (Please NOTE: that he was referring to Swami Paripoornananda who visited Sri Swamiji about four years ago). Over the last one week, this saint entered politics and said that he would have more power to bring changes and protect dharma and Hindutva. Also, one saint has become a Chief Minister for Uttara Pradesh. These saints are getting attracted to politics. What is Sri Swamiji message on this issue.? Please click on the link below to watch Q&A: Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Answer             A saint can do whatever he wishes to protect Dharma. There is no reason for us even to discuss and question. That Swamiji has decided as to how to protect Dharma. That was his determination, not our decision. Vasishta, Vishwamitra,andMaitreyi have done similar things to protect Dharma. There are many such incidents in Puranas. They have done only to protect Dharma.            Why should we have any objection?Whether it is Prime Minister or Chief Minister, it is their wish to select whatever method he wants to protect dharma. We are in a democracy (prajarajyam). If the saints want to go to the people and propagate dharma, why do you have any objection? Do we have any rules as to what method one must use? Some may choose to walk with a stick, go by car or fly. Some people even asked me why I have a car? If I go walking, I cannot meet many devotees. If I go by car or flight, I can meet more people ant talk about dharma. If I go on a walk, it will take many months to reach the destination. Any Yatishwar should do what his consciousness dictates, or what his Guru commands him to do. It is the most auspicious thing to do what his consciousness propels him to do.            Who are we to put hurdles in their way? We do not have any right to question the saint? Everybody is free to do what is his dharma. Any body can work for the protection of dharma. Where is it written that people wearing this dress or that dress cannot work to protect dharma? Who are you put restrictions.? Because of people like you, who keep questioning, created this mess in the society. Some people even asked me why Yatishwar like Sri Swamiji serve meals for others or clean bath rooms? Where is it written that we cannot do?              It is his Swadharma that tells himto follow the path of dharma. It is your Swadharma to question. But whatever his atma dictates that is what a saint will do. Did any body give any certificate saying that he is a saint? He is doing what he thinks is the right thing for society. We should not go into their way doing service to the society. It is a sin if you interfere with their mission.             Sri Swamiji asked the devotee if I enter politics, would you not support me? Or your will desert me. You would justify your Guru’s action. You would be the first one to raise the flag in support of your Guru. Because of your love toward me, you will support me. Similarly, all his devotees/supporters are supportiveof hisdecision to follow the dharmic path. Please subscribe to Save Temples Telegram channel at
22 Oct 2018

Speech Welcoming Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji to Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple on September 9

Welcome Speech September 2018 Prakasarao Velagapudi PhD It is my rare and divine opportunity to welcome Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji to USA and particularly to Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple - a Temple that is unique, exceptional, amazing, vibrant, dynamic, spiritually charged, pulsating, incomparable and unmatched. This is the vision, planning, creation, mental construct and dream of Sri Swamiji. He is Sadguru incarnate. He is the source of all scriptures, all knowledge, all wisdom and all fortune. He dedicated this Avatara for the loka Kalyanamand loka sangrahana that takes him all over the world. It is his purity of heart, uncompromising dedication to help the humanity, his life-long commitment to help both the devotees both internally and externally, his unwavering vow to protect and guide his devotees, Sri Swamiji as a Mother Cow keeps an ever-vigilant eye on the pasturing calf. SantJnaneswar says,” Just as camphor is clear both within and without, so the man of wisdom is pure both internally and externally. Like the jewel which is pure both in and out or like the sun who is equally brilliant both within and without, so he has become externally pure by means of his pious works and internally pure by knowledge. He makes his body pure by washing it with earth and water and by the recitation of the Vedas.” It is his mission todestroy the poverty of thought, sow the seeds of spirituality, instill the value of Dhyana, inculcate the virtues of wisdom, instill the fruits of serving humanity, impart the merits of following dharma, and reveal the knowledge of Brahman. Let us all pray Sri Swamiji to bless us with continued priceless association of our Guru and the ever-flowing grace.We will the unique opportunity to enjoys the rays of the sun of knowledge andtap the glorious treasure of ancientwisdom. Undivided attention is required to reap the benefits of His presence. Wherever he casts his eyes, think that he is only looking at you. Whenever He speaks, think that he is addressing only to you. Whenever he smiles, think that he is smiling at you. Whenever he sits silently, think that he is sending vibrations only to you. Whenever he admonished, think that there is lesson for me to learn. Whenever you are at the presence of Sri Swamiji, think that he will bring deep transformation in you.  His state cannot be described in words.             No matter how much I talk about Sri Swamiji and how many miracles we can recount, it is like describing the dazzling brilliance of sun, which cannot be seen with naked eye. Then who is this Swamiji? It is appropriate remember the description of Guru found in Vishwasaara Tantra:  “The Guru is the beginning of the universe, yet he himself is without a beginning; the Guru is the highest deity; there is none higher than the Guru … Salutation to the true Guru who is the embodiment of the Bliss of Brahman and the bestower of supreme happiness, who is detached, knowledge personified, and beyond duality, who is like the sky, and is indicated by such Vedic dicta as “Thou are That”, and who is One, eternal pure, immovable, the witness of all the changes in the Budhi (intellect), beyond all the states and devoid of the three Gunas.”             Sri Swamiji is an Avadhuta, the one who has shaken off the worldly ties while living in the world only to uplift and liberate. He is beyond good and evil, beyond three gunas and free from social and religious obligations. Paramahamsa Upanishad accurately narrates the uniqueness of an Avadhuta:             He does not fear pain. He longs not for pleasure. He forsakes love. He is not attached anywhere either to the pleasant or for unpleasant. He doe not hate. He does not rejoice. The activities of all his senses have come to the rest. Firmly fixed in knowledge, the self ever abides in the self alone. He is called an ascetic. He alone is a Yogin; he alone is knower. “I am Brahman who is consummate bliss and pure consciousness;” realizing this, he becomes one who has done all there is to do.” There are many Rishis, saints, sages, seers and Gurus who trekked the width and breadth of India and the world. Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji is a visionary who set the example for the rest of the modern world. Only occasionally you will see such a visionary who is born to direct and lead suffering, stressful and confused humanity to the path of dharma by guiding, counseling, advising and admonishing those who had the fortune of being born at the time Sri Swamiji is present in His physical form.   It is this vision that resulted in the establishment of the Ashram that contains Nadamantapam, Dhyana Mandiram, Universal Prayer Hall, Sukhavanam, Bonsai Gardens, Sri Venkateswara Temple, Vishwam museum, hospitals and many more facilities. With this vision to establish dharma, Sri Swamiji completed Vishwa Dharma Vijaya Yatra by trekking the world 150 times. It is this kind of vision that enabled Sri Swamiji to build this magnificent, majestic and imposing Hanuman Agrahara. It is one of a kind, unmatched in the annals of humanity. I am not sure if we can find any Agraharam like this even in India. Sri Swamiji’s vision is empoweringto revive the past glory of the traditional Temple in this modern world, infuse them with more energy and vibrations and enabling the devotees to experience the divine presence in silence.  It is also this vision that made him establish more than 80 Datta Yoga Centers and Temples in all the continents. His inspiring teachings, his healing music, his soul stirring bhajans, his yoga and meditation, and Sri Chakra Puja have touched the hearts and souls of innumerable people by redressing their sorrows, reducing their pain, uplifting their spirits, cleansing their sins, purging their suffering and guiding them to the right path. His radiance, glow, his persona, love, compassion, luminosity and warmness bring relief, joy, happiness and peace to this chaotic, confused and confounded world. These are all part of his grand vision to uplift the mankind to higher levels. Sri Swamiji is embodiment of all scriptures, all wisdom, all actions, all movements, all love and all compassion reflecting the true nature of a living God. The innumerable variety of subjects are touching every aspect of human living. His depth of knowledge is bottomless. His teachings are enlightening for both ignorant and intelligent. His vision is global enriched by love and compassion. His mission is to bring unity, harmony, congruence, tolerance forbearance in this disturbed constantly changing world beset by troubles, tribulations, torments, tortures, predicaments, predilections, and perturbance.How is it possible to make this insane world sane? For Swamiji who is a God realized soul, who eternally lives in samadhi, who exuberates nectar, who exhilarates the spirits,and who is Ashtasidhi, nothing is impossible, nothing is unsurmountable, and nothing is insuperable. A passage in the Upanishadstells us: “That sage who has solely engaged himself in drinking the nectar which is no other than Brahman, the nectar which is the outcome of incessant meditation, that sage becomes the greatest of ascetics, Paramahamsa, and a philosopher free of worldly taint, Avadhuta. By the sight of him the whole world becomes consecrated. Even an ignorant man who is devoted to his service becomes liberated.” Dhyana Sri Swamiji incessantly challenges his devotees to control the senses and tame the mind though yoga, Dhyana and meditation. Mind is chenchala - unstable, imbalanced, unhinged, quivering, and everchanging. Dhyana is a royal road to find out how waves of thoughts are subsided, speech is silenced, and noise is stilled.  We must free ourselves from everything that prevents us to enter the chamber of silence. The poem composed by Swami Gnanananda appropriate to remember:             Enter into yourself where there is nothing,             And take care that nothing enters there             Penetrate within yourself             To the place where there is no more ant thought,            And take care that no thought arises there.            There where there is nothing – there is fulness            There where nothing is seen- the vision of Being            There where nothing more appears – behold, the Self? That is Dhyana. Sri Swamiji mentioned that silence is meditation. Dhyana should be done to put the mind to complete rest. “Then it imbibes greater power. It becomes clear. It gets refreshed. That is why Lord Krishna says, “Among the things profound I am silence.” We are all enamored by outside glitter. Stress, strife, and anxiety are affecting the sense objects to lose the balance of mind and composure.  No peace of mind. But, Sri Swamiji says, “The foundation of perfect peace is within one’s own self. The only means to know and experience this center of infinite and absolute peace is Dhyaana or meditation.Concentrating the mind on one particular object or symbol or thought to the exclusion of all other thoughts and contemplating on it without interruption, constitutes Dhyana” Dhyana Bindu Upanishad says “The mountainous sins accumulated over many births can be destroyed by Dhyana Yoga (Meditation). Nobody is found to have destroyed the sins by any other means except Meditation. Meditation is the only way to annihilate the sins.” Role of Mind It is indeed the mind that is the cause of men's bondage and liberation. The mind that is attached to sense-objects leads to bondage, while dissociated from sense objects it tends to lead to liberation.So, they think. —Amrita Bindu Upanishad.   Form VS Formless. For many devotees, it is very difficult to comprehend, visualize, understand, and even experience the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God. Without image, it is unimaginable to see God in abstraction, formlessness, shapelessness and silence. We are not yet developed to know any aspect of God, but what need is there to see the unseen, to know the unknown and imagine the unimaginable when we can also attain self-realization by worshipping the divine personality.Even Lord Krishana himself says that “For those whose minds are attached to the unmanifest, the path of realization is full of tribulations. Worship of the unmanifest is exceedingly difficult for embodied beings.” (Bhagavad Gita 12:5)    For many of us, it is more than enough, more than adequate and more than satisfying to see Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji as an incarnation, manifestation, Avatara, Avadhuta, Sadguru and God in physical form. Thus, we can see him, we can feel his presence, we can touch his feet, we can talk to him in person, we can listen to his discourses, admonition and music, and we can enjoy his persona. Many Gurus and saints have longed to be in the presence of their Gurus. Because of the difficulty in visualizing the unmanifest and invisible, it is only natural to for the ordinary devotee to worship God with a human form.  Even Saints sat in front of Dakshinamurthy and enjoyed the presence and learned from his silence.  Tukaram was fond of worshipping his Guru only in the form.  According to Tukaram: Superior is the worship of the Lord with form; It is supreme devotion. Such worship brings one realization and every divine experience. Such worship purifies the heart And from it emerges the beautiful Lord In his captivating form. The Name of the Lord is the seed And the fruit which springs forth; It is the highest religion.  It is the essence of all religious practice. His name banishes all trouble— For where the devotee chants his name There all virtues meet. When the Lord enters the heart  And ascends his throne All that is good appears there— And no more does the devotee know the pain of rebirth. Do not, therefore, fear to follow The faith of your birth. Repeat His name—that is all one needs. How many names he has! the Vedas Call him the perennial Being The yogis the formless One And the liberated know him as the radiant Atman. But Tukaram knows him as Krishna Who, for the sake of his devotee, assumed the radiant form of a man. It is Sri Swamiji’s gleaming form that will make the devotees restless and agitated mind to rest and regain the composure.Arjuna was happy to see his universal form of Lord Krishna which enabled him to the normal, natural peaceful state. It is difficult to comprehend your form through intelligence, imagination, and spiritual discourses. We are like Arjuna, who said: “Seeing this humanlike form, so very beautiful, my mind is now pacified, and I am restored to my original nature.” (Bhagavad Gita 11:51) Bhakti Whether we worship Sri Swamiji in the form or formlessness, the only way to get connected, feel close and become attached to Swamiji is only through Bhakti. Bhakti can move the mountains and even bring Gods to Bhuloka. Bhakti means devotion, attachment, surrender, faithfulness and closeness. It is an intense and deep love toward your Guru or God. Our Bhakti must not vacillate or waver, it should be steady and unshaken. If you have this kind of Bhakti, Sri Swamiji is always with you, is always present in your mind and consciousness, and always guiding you and steering you to the right path. The more we surrender, closer you will get to Sri Swamiji. Guru Bhakti arises once a psychic communion and spiritual bond is established with a Guru.  A true devotee does not have to ask any thing. When Swamiji is Vishwambara, He who fills this universe, why would he leave you, why would he abandon you, and why would he neglect you. A true bhakta slowly drop off all his Vasanas that bind him, shake off his ever-fleeting desires, and unload the baggage. How can anyone carry so much weight on his head and run up the hill to reach the mountain top.             Lord Krishna himself says, “My dear Arjuna, O winner of wealth, if you cannot fix your mind upon Me without deviation, then follow the regulated principles of bhakti-yoga.  In this way you will develop a desire to attain to Me.” (12:9)             What is expected of a True Bhakta?  Sri Swamiji expects only you, your commitment, your devotion and dedication.  As per Swami Gnanananda:              What the guru expects of you is yourself              Not what you brought, as you went through the market.              Naked you are born              Only naked can you be reborn in the glory of the atman.              He who loses himself, finds himself              He who loses al, l finds all. It is only by ceaseless, relentless and uninterrupted worshipping, praying, meditating and remembering Sri Swamiji we will develop bhakti. Bhakti must be unmotivated and with no selfish desire.By constantly chanting and hearing Sri Swamiji’s discourses, remembering the special qualities, reminding the unique attributes, relishing the benevolence of kindness, recalling mystery of miracles, and visualizing him as Supreme Lord, one develops pure and true bhakti toward Sri Swamiji.             In Bhagavata Purana, Lord Krishna says, “One who is free from expectations, one who does not ask for anything, one who is completely satisfied in his own Self, one who is free from hatred and enmity --- I always follow him; I always walk with him to protect him.”  As a true devotee, our responsibility is to surrender, perform our duties without expectations and absorb in his radiance. "Always think of Me, become My devotee, worship Me, and offer your homage unto Me. Thus, you will come to Me without fail. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend. Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear" (Bhagavad Gita 18.65-66).             Let us remember these two verses that describe the greatness of Sri Swamiji and saints like him: The saints are absolutely pious, the emblem of goodness; Sympathy, compassion, affection, piety, help and kindness Gracious in benevolence, philanthropy, charity and mercy; They are lenient, humble, amiable; a living idol of kindliness.             The saints are blessed, blissful and they shower blessings.             They depend on intuitions and are men of profound feelings.             Their presence relieves, gives sense of security, confidence.             They are incarnations, figures divine and natural paintings.                   That is the assurance we have from Sri Swamiji if we have full faith and dedication. His blessings, guidance and compassion permeate all around us to receive unconditionally. Please take advantage of his divine personality, bask under the rays of his grace, soak in the messages that come out of his lips, immerse deeply in the vibrations of his divine music, pluck the fruits of his compassion and experience the glowing personality.             Let us all welcome Sri Swamiji to Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple with a round of applause.
11 Sep 2018

Dallas NRIs demand Telangana Government to Revoke Externmnet Order against Swami Paripoornananda

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other organizations in Dallas Texas met on July 27 and expressed their disappointment, astonishment and shock on the externment of a saintly person like Swami Paripoornananda was for planning to undertake a peaceful march from Hyderabad to Yadagiri Gutta by chanting only Rama nama without any speeches. They only wanted to have darshan of Lord Narasimha. The Externment ordered listed a number of statements that were supposed to “cause alarm, danger or harm to person or property.” These statements were collected from 2107 speeches. There was no trace of harm or danger was for seven months. Then why did the government order externmnet. Where is the proof that Swami’s statements caused harm or dangers? Does the Police Department has any data to prove?  It is pure gutter, vicious and brutal politics to please the minorities at the expense Hindus. Police Department lost its credibility by succumbing to the KCR government. Hindu Temples lands are sold in Telangana without permission, build Hajj houses, constructed Hajj terminals with majority Hindu money and denied majority meritorious Hindus the opportunity to excel.  History cannot be erased by Telangana Police Department. The statements made by Swami Paripoornananda were accurate, historical and proven by the facts. Hajj Subsidy is a fact, Nizam Rule is ruthless, Mughal rulers were violent, destroyed Hindu Temples, raped women, confiscated wealth and killed kafirs. That is a fact known even for an uneducated person. Prakasarao Velagapudi, Charan Reddy, SatyanKalyanadurg, Gopal Ponanagi, Vasant Suri, Kalavala Rao, Ravi Pattisam, Mahesh Choppa, Narasimha Rao Vemula, and other spoke extensively about the unfortunate situation purposefully created the Telangana government. All the Dallas Hindu NRRI’s passed the following resolution asking the Chief Minister, and Police Commissioners to take immediate steps cancel the Externment order. “We, the entire Dallas Indian Community from Global Hindu Heritage Foundation request the government of India and Telangana to take appropriate actions against any individuals or organizations who are demeaning Hindu Rituals, Hindu God's, Hindu Scriptures and allow freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to gather to discuss things important to the community with a commitment to abstain from insulting and demeaning other faiths. We demand the government to Immediately revoke the Externment order and apologize Swami Paripoornananda Ji for torturous experience while transportation to Kakinada and to preserve the ancient culture of Bharat that is the epitome of tolerance, so essential for human existence.” {{album_16}}
30 Jul 2018

Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote a letter to KCR to cancel Externment Order of Swami Paripoornananda

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) is very happy to inform all the devotees and friends of Swami Paripoornananda that Dr. Subramanian Swamy has written a letter to Sri. K Chandrasekhara Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana to cancel the order. If KCR does not withdraw the order Dr Swamy said he will be compelled to take action in the Court and seek damages for the same.   GHHF was instrumental in arranging the meeting Swami Paripoornananda with Dr. Swamy on Monday (July 16) in New Delhi.    REQUEST: Many of us have lot of respect for Swami Paripoornananda for his discourses on all major scriptures, for starting Bhaarath Today TV Channel, and his passion and compassion to protect Hindu Dharma. He is an outspoken champion to challenge the Hindu-haters, who criticize Hinduism with little or no knowledge and who misinterpret the scriptures and abuse our Gods and Goddesses.   Please call to find out "HOW YOU CAN HELP" Swami Paripoornananda in his fight to defend Hinduism.   Please call Dr. Prakasarao V Velagapudi at 601-918-7111 for updates and to find out how you can help. or you can send an email to:       Please read the letter of Dr. Subramanian Swamy
19 Jul 2018

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21 Jun 2020

[GHHF]Annadanam is being rendered in four Locations in Andhra Pradesh during Lockdown due to the Spread of Coronavirus.

Your Sponsorship is appreciated Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is supporting Annadana distribution to the needy and poor villagers in three cities and serving food to Cows, monkeys, dogs, and birds in fourth village.  Three different locations are selected to serve meals near Guntur through our Savetemples Office in Guntur. In Chittoor GHHF started serving meals for the next ten days. Anil Kumar and Nagaraj are spearheading the effort to cook and serve the meals. Realizing the need to feed cows, monkeys, dogs and birds near Anantapur town, Sri Rama Sharma Garu has taken the responsibility to coordinate our activities to make sure these animals would not go hungry, and initiated feeding them starting around April 12 and will continue until May 3rd. Sri Gopi Chary and other volunteers are feeding these animals and arranging water for them to drink. In Pendurthi near Visakhapatnam, GHHF joined hands with Dana Dharma Charitable Trust and Sri Sai Datta Manasa Peetam Trust in providing meals in tribal areas in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Vizag districts since Prime Minister announced the Lockdown.Sri Sai Datta Lokeswarananda Swamiji coordinating this effort in tribal and needy areas around Vishakhapatnam. In Chittoor, GHHF is collaborating with Sri Vijay Kumar in providing annadanam to the poor people who reside in a colony. They are planning to feed up to 500 people per day. Why Annadanam? What is the Significance? In Mahabharata, Yudhisthiraasked Bhishma about the importance and nature of the gifts, the fruits of offering gifts and the rewards one can receive through this gift. Bhishma recited the discourse given by Narada to him. “'The deities and all the Rishis applaud food. The course of the world and the intellectual faculties have all been established onfood. There has never been, nor will be any gift that is equal to the gifts of food. Hence, men always desire particularly to make gifts of food. In this world, food is the cause of energy and strength. The life-breaths are established on food. It is food that upholds the wide universe … That man who makes a gift of clean food unto a person on the way who is toil-worn and unknown to the giver, is sure to acquire great merit.” “A man, by making gifts of food in this world, is sure to attain to an excellent place hereafter. He who makes giftsof sweetmeat and all food that is sweet, attains to a residence in heaven where he is honored by all the deities and other denizens. Food constitutes the life-breath of men. Everything is established upon food. He who makes gifts of food obtains many animals (as his wealth), many children, considerable wealth (in other shape), and a command in abundance of all articles of comfort and luxurious enjoyment. The giver of food is said to be the giver of life. Indeed, he is said to be the giver of everything.” Brahmanda Purana, Brahma Purana, Varaha Purana, Agni Puranas also talked about the importance of annadanam. There is a story that talks about Goddess Annapurneshwari feeding Lord Shiva. We also read that Karna is believed to be the most charitable character in Mahabharata. After his death, he went to heaven where he was not served food. Soon he realized that he did not provide annadanam in his life on earth although he was very charitable. He was permitted to come back to earth and do annadanam seva for 15 days and return to heaven. Such is the importance given to annadanam. Serving Food is not limited to humans only.  Food offered to cows, monkeys and birds is also extolled in Hindu scriptures. {{album_15}} [GHHF] Annadanam Started on April 24 in Chittoor and will continue until May 3rd April 25, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started Chittoor Chapter and started with Annadanam in Indiramma Colony near Murukam Patta area. In this colony most of the residents are SCs, BCs and STs. These are the laborers whose livelihood depends on daily wages. Because of Lockdown they are not able to earn any daily wages. This area is in between Kanipakam and Chittoor.                 Sri V Jayakumar has taken the lead to coordinate this effort knowing the dire need of providing annadanam to these needy and poor people. He is aware of the importance of annadanam extolled in various scriptures and felt the need. In Brahma Purna there is a story of the King Bhauvana, who wanted to give land to Sage Kasyapa who was his family priest. At that time, a heavenly voice was heard saying, “Do not think of the gift of land but give food, which brings a great reward Because of its moral merit, the gift of food is sacred in all three worlds.”                 More than 500 people were fed on the first day and they are getting ready to serve even more.                 Your Donations are appreciated. Details are given below at the end of this writeup. [GHHF] 21000 Tribals were provided Annadanam in Visakhapatnam Area since Lockdown – Target to Feed 16,000 by May 3rd. As you all know that Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) is providing meals to Farm laborers in three different locations in Guntur area. Similarly, GHHF has taken responsibility with the initiative of Sri Ram Sharma Kasibhatla, one of the Board members to provide food to the cows, the monkeys, the dogs, and the birds in the Anantapur area. Please visit our website: GHHF in association with Dana Dharma Foundation and Sri Sai Datta Manasa Peetam Trust is providing meals in tribal areas in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Vizag districts since Prime Minister announced the Lockdown. Sri Sai DattaLokeswarananda Swamiji has been traveling to these three districts and arranging meals for the poor people as well as tribal people in these three districts. Annadanam was served to about 12, 000 people since the Lockdown was announced on March 24. Later it was extended to May 3rd. Sri Sai Datta Lokeswarananda Maharaj Swamiji has graciously agreed to coordinate our Savetemples activities in and around the Pendurthi area. Sri Swamiji has been working in the area for the last three years inculcating moral/cultural values for more than 25 tribal Govt. schools, distributing books and stationery to needy poor kids and conducting competition exams, providing meals, feeding cows and educating villagers to develop skills in handicrafts. There are many pictures to upload. But we will attach a few pictures and videos. Donations: Interested donors can visit our website and Press Donate button and select General Donation under the PURPOSE. To sponsor one-day meals for up to 400-500people in one village costs approximately $250. {{album_16}} [GHHF] Annadanam to Farm Laborers in Three Locations in Guntur, AP started. As many of you know that Lockdown was extended until May 3 in India to stop the spread of Coronavirus by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Savetemples Office in Guntur identified three locations where there is a dire need to provide meals for the farm laborers. Since no farming is being done during this lockdown period, many farm labor families have been struggling to have one regular meal. Many of them live on daily wages. If there is no work, no income will be coming to feed their families. Dasaripalem Village, Swarna Bharati Colony, and Siva Nagaraj Colony were selected based on the desperate need basis by our office and other friends of Savetemples movement. In these three locations, we decided to provide 400-500 meals to these farm laborers and their families. Many volunteers decided to cook every day and provide one good meal around mid-day. You can see there are some ladies who are cleaning and cutting the vegetables while others are cooking the meals. As you can see that in Dasaripalem village our people served the meals for everyone who came with plates. They were asked to stand in line maintaining the distance. In two colonies in Guntur municipality, authorities did not allow our people to cook and serve the meals due to the fear of spreading Coronavirus. As a result, our Savetemples volunteers bought dry food items and packed them in bags and distributed them individually to each family. Each bag contains rice, dal, vegetables, salt, tamarind, and other items for them to cook. You can see our volunteers distributing these dry meal bags. We will provide meals until the lockdown is lifted on May 3. NOTE: One can sponsor one day meal for $250. You can go to our website, click on the Donate button, then press Purpose category, and select Feed Farm Laborers category. Visit our website: {{album_17}} [GHHF] Feeding Monkey, Cows, Street Dogs and Birds during Lockdown in India continuing in Anantapur Area. Of all the charities (Daana) , annadanam is given more importance than any other charity in Hindu Dharma. It is considered one of the religious duties of all Hindus to offer food to any unexpected guest during mealtime. In fact, Sashtras talk about eating food only after one offer food to a guest. Also, many Hindu families offer food to the deities in their house before they partake their food. Almost all the Temples and Ashrams offer annadanam to the guests. It is also customary to feed people on the death anniversaries of the deceased persons. In India, the lockdown was extended till May 3, 2020. That means very few people can come out of their houses to attend to their daily work. They have to maintain social distance. Consequently, the cows, monkeys, street dogs and birds are being fed. Many of them are roaming with no food and water. Generally, these animals are totally dependent on humans to feed them in either in Vegetable Market, Temples area, individual homes or in the streets. Since people are not able to venture out even to buy basic needs, these animals are deprived of their food and water. Sri Rama Sharma Kasibhatla, the Board member of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and who coordinates our activities in Karnataka and other States in India received requests from different sources about the pitiable condition of these animals. Few people called Savetemples office and appraised of the sad situation. Immediately we took the initiative to start in Kalyandurg village, Kalyandurg Mandal, Anantapur district. So, our volunteers in that Village started this operation to feed the animals. It is decided to feed them until lockdown is lifted so that these animals would have enough food and water. We are grateful to the volunteers who have taken the responsibility to feed these animals. We started feeding the Cows, Monkeys, dogs, and birds on April 12 and will continue until lockdown is lifted. You can see some volunteers are going to the village and feeding them. Many people are either donating food items or giving them at a deep discount. Please look at the money seating next to the Priest who is cutting Melons to feed them. Also, melons donated by farmers. Find how many cows are fed. DONATIONS: We would appreciate your donation to continue annadanam to the needy, poor and tribals as well as animals. Sponsor ONE day meals for $250. To donate visit our website. Click on the Donate button, then press Purpose category, and select Feed Farm Laborers or General Donation category.      
25 Apr 2020

GHHF Activities participated and/or organized from November 10 thru December, 2019

November 10   Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji inaugurated Varanasi Ashram Sri Swamiji inaugurated Datta Peetham Ashram in Varanasi very close to Chintaamani Ganapathy and Kedarinath Temple. In the ashram Shiva Linga, Sri Hanuman and Sri Dattatreya murthies bedecked. Many people came from different parts of India and different countries. Donations Requested: We request you to donate by the end of this year to continue our efforts in India. Please send your donations to: Global Hindu Heritage Foundation 14726 Harmony Ln, Frisco, TX 75035   November 13 - 24 Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji started Ati Rudra Yaga   Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja as Kalasa sthapana was taking place at Chet Singh Palace in Varanasi.  More than hundred priests participated in Ati Rudra Yagam. Eleven Homa Gundas were built for the purpose. More than 4000 devotees attended the program. Sri Swamiji spoke about the significance and importance of Kasi and how Kasi has been described as the center of the universe as per our scriptures.            Many dignitaries came to witness the Ati Rudra Yagam. Union Minister Sri Ashok Kumar visited and received Sri Swamiji’s blessings.   November 26   Dwaraka Temple land sale stopped   It was brought to our attention about the sale of Temple lands of Dwaraka Temple. I talked to Sri Sudhakar Garu, Chairman of Dwaraka Tirumala Temple. I have known him for few years. He agreed to stop the auction. We will be meeting with him in few days to talk about issues. The announcement to sell the land is related to a small piece of land in the middle of Eluru. It is a housing site. He said it is costing more money to protect it than the value of the land. Anyway, the sale is stopped and we will meet and discuss the future course of action along with other related issues. November 28 Honorarium to Muslim Mullahs and Christian pastors   Good news - AP high court taken up the PIL filed by Sudhish on the honorarium to the Muslim mullah and Christian pastors, the Government was planning to give. With this PIL, the High Court asked government explain as to why they should be paid. Government is given nearly five weeks time to respond. Case is scheduled for December 30. Let us pray that the court will make the right decision   November 30 Christianization started in TTD with the publication of Panchangam. It says Sri Yesaiah Sri Venkatesaya Namaha In TTD, other faiths are allowed to willfully tarnish the image of Hinduism. Vigilance officer accepted the fact that in TTD website Christian prayer is found. They took immediate action. Let us see if they will investigate and reveal the names of other faith people and take appropriate action against all non-Hindus from TTD. An article was published in Deccan Chronicle today on December 1, 2019. December 3 Visited TTD Gaushala on December 2   We visited Gaushala maintained by TTD. There are about 12 sheds. There are about 80-100 cows are housed in each shed. They are well maintained. We had a long meeting with Dr. K. Haranath Reddy, Director of SV Gosamrakshana Shala. I gifted my book “Reviving Hinduism” which contains two articles on Gomati.   December 4 Petition to remove the construction of Church in a village near Tirupati   On December 1, we were informed that church is being built within 15 feet from a Devi Temple in Pulittavari palle village about 20 kilometers from Tirupati. We went to the village and saw a Cross on top of a building. Villagers were told that it was a house. All of a sudden Christian Cross popped on Nov 30. When we went to the village, they were upset and asked for our help to submit a petition to different officials including the collector-to remove the structure. As per IPC 153 and 154, no activity should be undertaken to disturb the peace and harmony in the community. Also, as per G O Ms number 376 dated November 29, 2012, no minority religious structures could be built near a temple without the permission of the District Collector. They can be removed if they are built without permission. We went on December 3 and met with villagers who signed the petition to remove the church. We encouraged them to do bhajans every day and gifted the Sound system on behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation/ Savetemples. They agreed to play religious songs every day and do bhajans. The signed petitions will be submitted to Collector and other officials on December 4. Let us hope they will heed the villagers’ request,   December 5 UPDADATE on Petition to Remove Church   As you all know that GHHF/ Savetemples organized a Petition drive to remove Church building which is only 20 feet away from Devi Temple in a village. We are very happy to report that the Pastor approached the villagers and begging them not to submit the Petition. He already removed the cross and said that he will use the building as a house. We are not sure how far he will keep his word. We are going to submit irrespective of his promises. Here I am posting the Church building where he removed the cross. Few other villages are approaching us to help them. We will be visiting these villages soon.   December 6 Planning Meeting on Dr Subramanian Swamy program in Tirupati   On December 5, Savetemples organization arranged a meeting to discuss the arrangements and program of Dr Swamy scheduled for December 29, in Tirupati. He along with Swami Paripoornananda will be the main speakers. They will address issues affecting Hindus and Ayodhya Verdict. What are the plans to recover Krishna janmasthala, Kasi Viswanatha temple and Taj Mahal? Dr. Sundera Murty, Sri Subramanya Yadav and me spoke about the arrangements. More than 65 people attended the planning meeting. We are expecting at least 1500 people to attend the program.   December 7 Vakula Mata Temple progress   On December 6, we visited Vakula Mata temple to look at the progress made since our last visit. As you will see that Rajagopuram and Vakula Mata temple gopuram are almost complete. Now they will soon work on the sides of the temple. It appears it may be completed very soon. As many people are aware that GHHF started the agitation in 2012. Many people are involved in the agitation. Finally TTD agreed to take up Vakula Mata temple. As there are pictures of Vakuka Mata, GHHF came up with the picture which was agreed to sculpture the image as per the sketch. December 8 CM Jagan Party colors are painted all over in Andhra Pradesh   Party colors are painted on Village Panchayat Buildings, water tanks, electrical polls, some schools, funeral places and even garbage bins on the roads. To our knowledge nothing like this happened before. We all believe that the panchayat buildings are not the property of any given party, whether it is in power or not. They are the village property belonging to every resident irrespective of what party one belongs. This kind of act only reveals the arrogance and vengeance. Similarly, electric polls, garbage cans, schools etc do not belong to any one party. I sincerely hope the party echelon will reflect and reverse the decision. Nobody is invincible. History has shown many examples. It is a matter of time before one learns the lesson Even Shirdi Sai baba did not escaped the party colors. It is a sad situation to witness. History is a great teacher if we open our eyes.   December 12 Sadguru Tattvam book was released by Sri Swamiji   Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji release our book "Sadguru Tattvam-2' on December 11 during Datta Jayanti celebrations. The book contains articles on Guru purnima, Paduja puja, Sri Swamiji, Bhagavad Gita chanting and all the welcome speeches. It is customers for me to welcome Sri Swamiji whenever he visited USA. After my welcome speech which dealt with healing and meditation music, Sri Swamiji commanded me to publish this book. It also contains about the importance of a guru in one’s life.   December 14 Christianization of Vijayawada Police Department in AP   This is how the things are shaping up in Andhra Pradesh. Now even the Vijayawada Police is being Christianized. Did this ever happen before? It reads the chief of police in Vijayawada in inviting everybody to enjoy the meals being offered in December 16. This is an invitation on the half of entire police family. Did he do it for all Hindu Festivals? Why only Christmas Festival? It should be condemned by all fair minded people. December 15 AP High Court directed the government to avoid painting Party Colors   On December 13, the high court was petitioned that painting public buildings with party colors are arbitrary and unconstitutional. High court asked the Guntur collector to submit a report in ten days about the cost incurred in painting the buildings and the reasons for painting party colors. Petitioner argued that painting with colors influence the voter. Times of India published this article on 14th.      
17 Dec 2019

Western Media’s voracious Thirst for Depreciating Hindu and Modi Continues

Western media have mostly painted a negative picture of India and cherry picked the topics that discredit the Hindu way of life to please the minorities. These media have been supported by many Muslim countries. They always sided with Pakistan to break India even further. The only major religion that advocated the peaceful coexistence, embraced non-violence as the pillar of peaceful living, practicing democratic ideals for political stability, provided special opportunities to the minorities, allowed the minorities to have a special status in the constitution whereby they do not adhere to the uniform civil law, never condemned the other religions to hell, never called them as kafirs or Satans, and so on.  It appears that the media have been on a mission to wipe out Hinduism and demean the Hindu leaders and denigrate the Hindu customs and traditions.  They seem to abhor the largest democracy on the planet.  With all the basic principles of civility, humanity and freedom so inherent in Hindu philosophy, one wonders why CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, BBC and many western journalists haves been particularly revolting against the BJP and repulsive against Narendra Modi, even after he was democratically elected by unprecedented majority. They are engaged in a biased witch-hunt than actual reporting. Swapna Dasgupta writing in the Daily Pioneer stated that, “Since the summer of 2014, the foreign journalists reporting India have increasingly come to live in an ecosystem that is both wary of and hostile to the winds of change blowing over India. The Economist doesn’t seem to have gotten over its disappointment that its endorsement of Rahul Gandhi in the 2014 general election was disregarded and the editorial board of the New York Times seems to be dominated by supporters of the Maoist insurgency and Kashmiri separatism. When Modi visited London in October 2015, the Guardian even carried a long article by a staff columnist arguing that the UK Government should have no truck with him.” British Media                 Nitin Mehta has analyzed the British media by saying that UK media’s Anti India bias is all too evident.  Anti-media did not expect the overwhelming majority that elected Modi as Prime Minister. They did not even expect that his government would even last this long. They are shocked to find that his strength is increasing with UP elections. They do not report any atrocities committed daily in totalitarian Muslim countries and how they reduced the minorities (Hindus) to less than one percent. They do not talk about triple talaaq, sharia law, Muslim women rights in Islamic countries. Their life could be in danger to report on these totalitarian countries. Unable to find their space in Muslim countries, the only country democratic country, India, that allows freedom of speech has become their vicious target to criminalize it, demonize it and dismantle it. They made it a point to write dark stories and blow it to disproportionate level and magnify them multifold to sway the public opinion. Nitin Mehta observed “For the secularists, any expression of India’s heritage, culture and spiritual beliefs is anathema. For these social scientists and economists, most of whom are of Indian origin and live in Britain, India always falls short of their expectations. Democracy? It is caste based; it is corrupt. They did not play any part in nation building.” (The Guardian, September 10, 2017) For more than a decade, his critics have been questioning Mr Modi over his controversial role in the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in the western state of Gujarat. He was accused of having done little to stop the riots in which more than 1,000 people died - an allegation he has always denied. These journalists have no respect for the legal system and keep criticizing Modi even though Supreme Court of India has absolved all the charges against Narendra Modi. The Guardian’s hatred toward Modi is reflected on tits editorial and the article published. In their editorial, it keeps harping on the Gujarati riots. It says that the “role he played in the Gujarat massacres of 2002 remains unresolved.” Some of the titles of the articles published include: “India is a ‘republic of fear’. The UK must keep the pressure on Modi,” “Narendra Modi: the divisive manipulator who charmed the world,” “Modi’s government fails to act on rape,”” If Modi is elected, it will bode ill for India's future,” “Narendra Modi: India's saviour or its worst nightmare?” “Narendra Modi, a man with a massacre on his hands, is not the reasonable choice for India”; “India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban”; and so on. Mihir Bose’s article on 2 August 2017. After listing some Indian achievements, he had the following to say: “After the victory of Narendra Modi the country seems to be turning its back on the tolerant, secular society that India’s founding fathers wanted. Modi has always ridden two chariots: what one prominent Indian businessman, and an old friend of mine, called Modi’s real business of making India prosperous; and his Hindu business of appeasing his fanatical Hindu followers. Modi has proved a timid reformer, whose tinkering has included an overnight demonetization that led to such chaos that people died. In contrast, his Hindu followers have been given free rein to believe that Ram Rajya, the mythical rule by the revered Hindu god Ram, has finally arrived. This has seen a ban on the slaughter of cows, and a growing intolerance of minorities.”                 Amrit Wilson laments about the horrific rapes committed in the name of Hindu nationalism. He talked about two horrific rape cases in Indi and how India is being rocked by huge protests. (The Guardian, April 18, 2018). Jason Burke scathing attack started even before he was chosen as leader of Bharatiya Janata Party. He says that Modi “is a divisive figure in India. Some see him as an extremist who sided with mobs who attacked Muslims in towns and cities across Gujarat, following a lethal fire supposedly started by Muslims on a train full of Hindu pilgrims in 2002 – a charge he denies.” (The Guardian, October 22, 2012). In another article Jason Burke criticizes him for the 202 riots even though, he was exonerated by the Supreme court.  “Repeatedly accused of allowing, even encouraging, Hindus whipped up by hardline activists to vent their fury, Modi has consistently denied all wrongdoing and has been cleared by a succession of high-powered legal inquiries. It was after a key court decision that the UK decided in 2012 to end a boycott of Modi by senior officials. Only weeks ago, the US followed. Nonetheless, Modi has yet to shake off the controversy.”                 Salman Rushdie, Imran Khan, John McDonnell, Fiona Mactaggart, Pragna Patel, Jayati Ghosh, Suresh Grover and other leftist brains published an opinion letter in The Guardian criticizing the role he played in Gujarat Riots. They say that his political ethics and moral character is incompatible with secular constitution. The they conclude that “Were he to be elected prime minister, it would bode ill for India's future as a country that cherishes the ideals of inclusion and protection for all its peoples and communities.” (April 10, 2014). Similarly, Aditya Chakraborty says that Modi is responsible for some of the worst religious violence even seen in independent India. “Given the enormity of the allegations against Modi, this is frankly pathetic. First, the Gujarat massacres have not safely been consigned to the past”           Anish Kuman in The Guardian (November 12, 2015) says that Narendra Modi is clamping down on tolerance and freedom of expression. The openness to the minorities and regional differences is at serious risk. He says, “a saffron-clad army of Hindu activists who monitor and violently discipline those suspected of eating beef, disobeying caste rules or betraying the “Hindu nation”.”  The writer continues to smear the government with his jaundiced eyes with the statement, A Hindu version of the Taliban is asserting itself, in which Indians are being told: “It’s either this view – or else.”” These journalists are ignoring four important points when they spit out their venom.  First that overwhelming majority of the Indian citizens wanted change and voted BJP into power.  Second, Modi is trying to implement what is written in the constitution about protecting the cow. Third that majority of the people wanted to see changes in the appeasement policies. Fourth, the many foreign funded Christians are using the funds for conversion of Hindus into Christianity by flouting the Constitutions. These journalists have not yet realized the depth of citizens’ passion to see changes in the government policies. They do not acknowledge that that it was not Hindu militant who went on jihad in Mumbai killing several people, nor Hindu militant that bombed Varanasi, or set fire first to the railway compartments in Gujarat in 2002. By comparing Indian democracy to Taliban government of Afghanistan and other countries, the writer is completely shut his eyes to more than 50 countries where the Muslims have declared their countries as Islamic with no concern for the rights of other religions such as Hindus. In many countries, Hinduscannot even carry the Hindus cannot even carry the picture of their Gods. Journalists have become Presstitudes to the cause of Muslims and Christians who know how to woo them and make them as their mouthpieces. Consequently, they live in a moments life ignoring the realities on the ground and the richness of India’s history. Why India is having with these two religions? This is the country that sheltered Parsis, Jews, Buddhists and other religions and guaranteed their right to worship and helped them to maintain their culture. These religions lived in peace and contributed to the richness of Indian culture of tolerance, freedom and non-violence.  After state of Israel was established, they passed a resolution by saying that India is the only country that has not discriminated the Jews out of 126 countries they lived.  Dalai Lamas praise for India’s tolerance and spiritual heritage was unmatched in the human annals. Then, why Muslims and Christians have problems in India. It because of their missionary zeal to convert India into either a Christian country or Islamic country. They have been working relentlessly and tirelessly to break the backbone of India and consign it to past unknown.                 Ever since Modi was elected, BBC has started a vicious campaign against him labeling him as a “mass murderer” and accused him as a man who started persecuting minorities. BBC is in bed with Congress party. When Home Minister Rajnath Singh (August 1, 2015) stated that Congress government has coined the term “Hindu Terror” to undermine the efforts to deal with domestic terror, BBC jumped into the fray to refute the report that charges Muslims are the most likely terrorists in India along with the communists. Pakistan was places in the first tier that list all the countries that represent the worst situation in the world for religious freedom. Additionally, biggest number of asylum requests come from Pakistan to UK, not India. If the Muslims are persecuted why there is no exodus of them to other countries. BBC wanted to support Rahul Gandhi claim expressed to US Ambassador to India that growth of “radicalised Hindu groups” posed a great threat to the country than militant groups like LeT. BBC would not heed the former Prime Minister Tony Blair who warned that “The threat of this radical Islam is not abating. It is growing. It is spreading across the world. It is destabilizing communities and even nations. It is undermining the possibility of peaceful co-existence in an era of globalization.”   BBC held a program on Modi on May 1, 2015 where guest speakers totally slanted and sneered him.  Modi was described as a controversial figure by all the participants with no other person to challenge in the program. The Programs presenter, YaldaYakim, stated that Modi had blood on his hands and he was India’s most divisive politician.  Anish Kapoor quantified him as “India’s dreamed itself a dream with a mass murderer as its main character”. BBC should have contested these statements by demanding the relevant statistics and compare them with other countries. Priti Patel wrote a letter to BBC Director General bring his attention about the anti-Modi program. “Modi’s political opponents have portrayed him as being ‘controversial’, so by using this reference, the BBC, who should be impartial, is giving acceptance to the political position of Modi’s opponents rather than reporting objectively … Claiming someone who is a democratically elected politician is a ‘mass murderer’ is an extremely serious allegation and unless such a claim is substantiated with meaningful evidence, the BBC should not be broadcasting this slur.” Obviously, BBC would not respond with any kind of justification for their one-sided, contemptuous program on Modi.                 Th Economist also joined the anti-Modi chorus denouncing his as a man focusing on the appearance and loosing sheen. Recognizing his popularity in the public and acknowledging the recent victories in different states, it criticized the demonetization as causing great hardship and disruption.  The paper described Modi not as a reformer.  It claims that GST has become unnecessarily complicated and bureaucratic. “If Mr Modi wants to keep winning votes, he must concentrate not just on campaigns; he must also show that he knows how to run the country. Sooner or later, voters will tire of grandstanding.” (November 2 2017). Similarly, The Economist criticized Modi by saying, “Mr Modi, in short, is squandering a golden opportunity. Some apologists claim that he is waiting until he wins a majority in the upper house before taking on bigger reforms. If so, he has given no inkling of what he is planning. In fact, he has not even made clear that economic reform is his priority.” (June 24, 2017)   US Media The New York Times Maligns Narendra Modi and Hindus The New York Times published articles that are mostly critical of Modi, BJP and any other news critical of India. Their bias toward Modi is vicious and groundless. Even before he got elected, NYT accused him of killing so many Muslims in 2002 without ever mentioning the root case of the unrest. They never indicated that the Muslims closed all the doors of the train where Hindu were returning from Pilgrimage and set fire killing all the Hindus. They could not even open the doors of the compartments and were scorched. After he was elected NYT doubled their efforts to charge him as an extreme Hindutva advocate denying the Muslims safely, Al l the studies across the globe revealed that Muslims feel safer, secure, happier and more comfortable in India than Muslims in their own Muslim countries. The newspaper would not dare say about the minority rights of Hindus in many of these Muslims countries. A Hindu cannot carry even the pictures of their own Gods and Goddesses, cannot read their Bhagavad Gita, and cannot do even the pujas to their chosen Gods in many Muslim countries. Any violation by the Hindus would result either in expulsion, imprisonment or death. NYT has nothing to do with human rights violation in these Muslim countries. No other country gives as many privileges, opportunities and freedom to Muslims in India. But NYT times is not concerned about enforcing the Constitution that requires all the states to protect and preserve the cows.                 Would Muslim counties allow pigs to killed and eat?                 Would USA or UK allow slaughter horses in the US or UK?                 Would USA or UK allow killing of pets such as cats or dogs indiscriminately?          Hartosh Singh Bal wrote an Opinion in New York Times (May 30, 2018) listing several incidents such as no confidence, Supreme Court intervention, Modi government, election commissions decisions and Karnataka elections. The writer’s bias is blatantly visible. All the incidents that he described have not violated any aspect of Constitution. The author says, "As India prepares for the national elections next year, Mr. Modi’s ratings are falling" only to create doubts among his supporters. The author has conveniently negligent the opinion poll conducted few days before he wrote his opinion. Mega Times Group reveals that 71.9 percent of Indians say that they would vote for Narendra Modi. He is one of the members of a fringe group that was supported by the elite groups and the Congress Party who were unable wake up to the reality. These journalists are trying to find niche to accept the fact that overwhelming majority of Indians elected Modi as Prime Minister. But they failed. The writer went as far as accusing Modi as subverting the democracy. He stated that “If Mr. Modi was willing to drown dissent and subvert national institutions when his government enjoyed popular support, how far down an undemocratic path might he and his party go to ensure a victory?” Pew Research published on May 2018 the percentage of people who are satisfied with the way democracy is working. India topped the list with 79 percent. The New York Times would not worry about the way people feel and would not reflect the views and trust of Indian people as they are sold to the special interest groups.   The New York Times has a long history of warped, biased and insulting views toward India and Hindu way of life. They will find writers who are offensive and who can aggressively attack Hindus. Wendy Doniger, Joseph Manu, Arundhati Roy, William Broad, Ellen Berry and other leftist writers whose job it is to demonize India as anti-Muslim and Anti-Christian. Even before the elections in 2014, the editorial Board concluded that, “His rise to power is deeply troubling to many Indians, especially the country’s 138 million Muslims and its many other minorities. They worry he would exacerbate sectarian tensions that have subsided somewhat in the last decade …  Mr. Modi cannot hope to lead it (India) effectively if he inspires fear and antipathy among many of its people” (May 2013). Similarly, the prejudiced, hateful and spiteful editorial stated two days after the elections, ... whether he will be the strident Hindu nationalist who might impose a sectarian agenda on a largely secular state…but he can’t achieve those goals if he exacerbates sectarian divisions, for example, by using divisive rhetoric against Muslims.” This kind of editorial is aimed at pleasing the minorities, elites, intellectuals and Congress Party leadership where the journalists cohabit for their livelihood and survival. Why they completely ignore the wishes of one billion people for the sake of 138 million Muslims? With so much terror inflicted all over the world by ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terror groups, why New York Times would not criticize the Muslims. They must be handsomely paid by Muslim countries to be their succors. They are also in bed with their Christian faith which calls for the elimination of Hindus by conversions. Pope Paul was their mentor who wanted to establish cross over India. The New York Times bemoaned and cried out loud in its editorial “India’s Battered Free Press” by saying that, “Press freedom in India suffered a fresh blow on Monday when the country’s main investigative agency raided homes and offices connected to the founders of NDTV, India’s oldest television news station. The raids mark an alarming new level of intimidation of India’s news media under Prime Minister Narendra Modi … Since Mr. Modi took office in 2014, journalists have faced increasing pressures. They risk their careers — or lives — to report news that is critical of the government or delves into matters that powerful politicians and business interests do not want exposed.” (June 7, 2017). In another editorial, NYT talks about alarming rise in the mob attacks and cried out loud that under Modi government “what has actually been unleashed is virulent intolerance that threatens the foundation of the secular nation envisioned by its founders.” (July 17, 2017). It never acknowledges that it is only because of Hindu ideology and principles of tolerance and pluralism, Muslims numbers are increasing day by day, If Hindus are made responsible to threaten the foundation of secularism, why you do not see an exodus of Muslims to other Muslim countries. How many Muslim countries are secular where Hindus can practice their religion and worship their Gods.  NYT never acknowledge the fact that Islam is incompatible with democracy, secularism, pluralism and freedom of speech. NYT’s assessment is a blatant lie and deliberately misleading the readers as well distorting the facts. CBI clearly stated that the raid was not about debt payment but about the collusion between Roys and the unknown official at the bank. It is a criminal conspiracy. CBI says that the raid was financial transgression these investors committed and not interfered with the operation of the programs. NYT conveniently ignored the fact that NDTV had floated 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries in different parts of the world. It would not even acknowledge that CBI raided number of people during demonetization, IAS officers, Bank officials, IT officials, Accountants and so on. This is s not a raid to interfere with free press. New York Time’s vicious, mean, spiteful and rancorous reporting on saree being attributed to the revival of Hindu nationalism and fundamentalism. Even BurkhaDutt, who is an anti-Hindu herself, felt insulted to insult the saree by saying that NYT has become a laughingstock of India. She was appalled at linking Sari to politics and Hindu nationalism.  Sari was the most democratic clothing which cuts across class, caste, religion, region and even counties. The poorest and the richest alike wear sari. Dutt says that any suggestion that the sari is about Hindu identity is rubbish and laments on the accusation of NYT that Indian government is promoting Sari as if it was a crime. She admonishes the editorial board by saying that “To fabricate a conspiracy theory around our beloved sari is not only Orientalist; it’s just plain stupid. And poor journalism to boot.”(Washington Post, November 17, 2017). Why do these Western media paint Hindu leaders and Hinduism in such dark sketches? For these liberal, secular and anti-Hindu journalists to be accepted by their peers they must prostitute themselves with India’s media that is controlled by Muslims, Christians and Communists.  Ideological ghettoization of the foreign correspondents starts developing by mixing with their co-journalists of the similar mentally deranged Indian media particularly in Delhi. The Indian media’s anathema to their own culture, hatred toward Hindu leaders, passion to take up the cause of minority rights at the expense of overwhelming Hindu rights, greed for accumulation of unaccounted income, and deliberate effort to ignore Islamic terrorism, and conscious endeavour to overlook Christian deceptive practices to break up India slowly infiltrate the minds of foreign journalist. To remain in the ghetto and to be accepted by Indian media, the foreign correspondents become the mouthpiece of Indian media. They become traitor like the Indian secular and liberal media who are vowed to burn the Hindu house that has given the unlimited freedom. Consequently, they would not be able to break the ghetto boundaries. They dare not go to the villages and find out how the peasants feel about the present government. A single incident is blown up to new heights to make it appear as a routine and normal course of event. They paint every incident as an incident caused by Hindutva forces and flash them around the globe insinuating Modi and BJP. It must stop.                    It is worth looking at the mindset of western journalist as explained by one of the western scholars, Thomas Jackson who penned an article, “Wrong on Right.”  He went to India with many preconceived notions and earful of biases against India to spend few months with right wing think tank. He realised that the Congress leaders, still bitter that it is out of power, are creating false narrative of their own country in the west. He even heard these liberals equating BJP as an organization supportive of the Nazi Party in 1930’s.  He was even warned to be wary of RSS members who would treat him terribly for a lifestyle that is typical of any Western person of his age. He says that he was relieved to find out that every single preconceived notion was false. In fact, he says, “I am no more out of place in my office than any single one of my colleagues would be in liberal metropolitan London. I now feel rather foolish for having ever entertained any of these ideas.” He was even surprised to find out “how unaware and out of touch Western media and left-wing academics are on the topic of the modern Indian Right. Fake news has been the political buzzword of the last year, but just how fake the news on India is still surprised me.” The western media have become succors of the Indian media in painting a nasty repulsive and revolting picture of India. He summarized his experience with these sobering words. “A picture is being painted of a country where you will be murdered for eating beef, attacked for being out in public in a mixed gender group and where the Government is doing everything it can to encourage such actions. The idea that Indian liberalism and tolerance are dead, if they did in fact ever exist, is firmly planted in the mind of the Western media and academics. My experience suggests that this cannot be further from the truth, and I’ve even heard many people I work with make the claim that Hinduism and the Indian way of life encourage liberalism, pluralism and tolerance. I am inclined to believe this.”(Open the Magazine, June 1, 2018                 Has any western journalist read this article?Is there any consciousness left among western journalists to re-examine their philosophy of hatred and their manufactured fake news? They have sunned their objectivity, eschewed their morals, sold their souls, committed to wipe out rich Indian cultural heritage, and acting like stupid persons. They are acting like fools without regard for accountability, responsibility, reasoning, and logic. They misinterpret all the statistics and ignore the reality. One is reminded of Bhartihari who says that you can never change the mindset of a fool (person who lacks judgement).                 You may boldly take a gem from te jaws ofa crocodile,                 You may swim the ocean with its tossing wreath of waves,                 You may wear an angry serpent like a flower in your hair,                 But you’ll never satisfy a fool who is set in his opinions! Prakasarao V Velagapudi, PhD President, GHHF
02 Jul 2018

Tirumala Issue – Major Allegations and The way forward

Here is the truth on what has happened in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam as related by the grandson of the man who created the Tirupati laddoos Source:   Here is the truth on what has happened in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam as related by the grandson of the man who created the Tirupati laddoos I lost my father when I was barely six. My maternal grandparents brought me up along with my eight siblings. My maternal grandfather, late Sriman Kalyanam Iyengar gave the Tirupati Laddu to the world. I grew up in that Mandir. Long before the Laddu Mirasi was abolished, I had access to all the corners of the Mandir, except the Garbha Griha. Growing up in such a divine environment also gave me a closer view of how the system worked. The Archakas were always our close family friends since my Grandfather’s time. The Gamekars and the Mirasi Dikshitars were my Grandfather’s allies. The families of the four Pradhana Archakas have been family friends for three generations now. The purpose of writing this article was born from the deep anguish that arose out of the following: This cannot be viewed as just the problem of the Pradhana Archakas and their compulsory retirement by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) under the TDP Government. This is the problem of Sanatana Dharma. The allegations made by a good family friend and a respected Pradhana Archaka, Sriman Ramana Dikshitulu. And the personal attack on him by vested interests, instead of addressing the issues raised by him. The political motives attributed to him by both the Government and the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Board members and officials, who are nothing but the hand-picked stooges of the Government of the day The Paid Print and Electronic media that cozied up to the TTD and the government for the benefits of special darshan tickets that could easily be sold for a hefty premium and special prasad handed out by the officials of the TTD. More importantly, the muted response of the Hindu Samaj to such blatant abuse of power and disregard for sacred rituals that are to be performed by the Archakas as per the Vaikhanasa Agama Sastra and as ordained by Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja.   This cannot be viewed as just the problem of the Pradhana Archakas and their compulsory retirement by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) under the TDP Government. This is the problem of Sanatana Dharma. This article does not deal with whether the compulsory retirement of the Pradhana Archakas is correct or not. In my opinion, it is WRONG and that can wait for a separate article. But, there are certain things that the public should know. There are 4 Pradhana Archakas of the Tirumala Balaji Mandir. They come from 4 families that have served the Bhagawan for 39/40 generations. These families are: Pydipalli (Sriman Narayana Dikshitulu) Gollapalli (Sriman Dr. A.V.Ramana Dikshitulu) Tirupatamma (Sriman Narasimha Dikshitulu) Peddinti (Sriman Srinivasamurthy Dikshitulu) They offer their services on a yearly rotational basis. They are not employees of the TTD. They don’t get paid a salary to discharge their religious duties. They were performing as a Kainkaryam to the Bhagawan. For many years, they were getting “Rusumu” as Income, which was their hereditary rightful share of the Pujas performed. When the proposal to abolish this Archaka Mirasi system was introduced, they fought valiantly in courts and took their case to the Supreme Court (SC). As a step to mediate between the Archakas and the TTD, the then E. O. Sri I Y R K Rao and the Dharmika Parishad (There is no Dharmika Parishad now) made the proposal that the Archakas should withdraw their Petition in the Supreme Court and as their existing rights and honour was upheld by the SC which was under Section 142 and the Amendment was made by the AP legislature in 2007. The SC allowed the withdrawal of the petition with a note to the TTD Board that they should hear out the Archakas. This hasn’t been heard till date. Under this mediation, the Pradhana Archakas even agreed to forego the “Rusum”, which was a princely sum, to retain their right to perform the Archaka Kainkaryam as the Pradhana Archakas of the Mandir. Many would be surprised to learn that these Pradhana Archakas are not employees, hence do not get any salary/ wages/ bonus/ leave/ medical benefits that the TTD pays to all its secular employees and other non-hereditary Archakas who have accepted employment with the TTD. Pradhana Archakas did not want to be employees. The Pradhana Archakas were paid a token “Sambhavana” based on the days and the daily rituals/ kainkaryam they offer. Now, let me get to the purpose of this article: There were two clear attacks on Hindu Dharma in the last two decades. The first one was on the Kanchi Matham. The Hindu Samaj’s response can best be described as muted. Barring individual efforts by Hindu Bhakts, there was very little to write on the response from the so-called Hindu organizations, Sadhus, and Sants. We let down the Acharyas. The Acharyas are NOT individuals. They are Institutions. Collectively, as Hindu Samaj, we let down Institutions that were built successively for 2500 years of service to Sanatana Dharma. We failed the Sanatana Dharma. The second one was the attack on the Pradhana Archaka of the Tirumala Tirupathi Mandir, the Mandir’s rituals and its wealth, another instance where we are seriously found lacking in response as Hindu Samaj. When someone as learned as Sri Ramana Dikshitulu (He is not only a Ph. D. in Molecular Biology, the learned Pradhana Archaka, but also an expert in Vaikanasa Agama, the tradition followed in the Tirumala Mandir along with Pujas as ordained by Srimad Bhagavad Ramanuja), raises concern on issues like interference by the Politicians, Board Members, TTD employees in the day to day rituals, one needs to take note of and find ways to rectify the situation, if something is seriously wrong as alleged. When he says that the yearly audit of jewellery is NOT being carried out, should we turn a deaf ear and carry a smear campaign on him, slap defamation cases on him or look into it with utmost sincerity? Let me come to the major allegations made by the Pradhana Archaka: There is a constant interference from the TTD Management in the rituals performed for the Bhagawan. To give an example, according to him, there have been instances when the TTD officials wanted the Archakas to perform Suprabhata Seva for VIPs at midnight when that is NOT the time to wake up the Bhagawan. There are times when there has been constant pressure on the Archakas to conclude the Thomala Seva in the most abridged of forms. Various Sevas have been shortened either to accommodate the appointments of various VIPs or as a convenient excuse of crowd management. The Temple Potu where the Anna Prasadams are made for Naivedyam of the Bhagawan – The sudden repair works undertaken without the consent of the Pradhana Archaka, who is also the Agama Advisor for the TTD, the granite slabs on floor and walls dug up and replaced, more importantly, the Prasadams made “outside” totally violative of the Sastras and in much lesser quantities than prescribed as the right quantity for Naivedyam, for little over ten days, all lead to suspicion that everything is not as sweet as the Laddu. The TTD hushes it up with a favourable statement from their poor Potu employees who make these Anna Prasadams, as a means to deflect the truth. The Pradhana Archakas who work on yearly rotation basis had the practice of making an open audit of Bhagawan’s jewels, including gold coins and loose diamonds, rubies etc., and then hand over the charge to the incoming Pradhana Archaka. This was done in the presence of the TTD officials. This practice has been stopped since 1996. The serious allegation made was that when the Pradhana Archaka asks for a certain jewellery endowed by Rajas like the Sri Krishnadeva Raya for Alankaram of the Bhagawan on certain auspicious occasions, they would never receive the jewels requested. The Bhagawan has to adjust with what the secular TTD officials hand out for His Alankaram. The purpose for what the donors of yore had given such ornaments is conveniently set aside. That raises a very serious question. Are these jewels still there? Here is why this question is relevant. When a new donor wants to make an ornament for the Bhagawan and approaches TTD, based on the budget of the donor Bhakt, the management conveniently gives him a design of an existing old traditional jewellery. Thus, a second and more recent jewel starts making its appearance on the Bhagawan while the age-old precious jewel is supposedly sent back for safe custody to the vaults. Are both such jewels available and safe?
23 Jun 2018

Request TTD to investigate the charges as well a correct many neglected activities

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07 Jun 2018

Media's Unabated Hatred Toward Hindus and Their Leaders - Modi and Yogi

'The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.... because they control the minds of the masses.' Malcolm X in 1964 Media has enormous power to create, shape and mold the perceptions, views and the future course action of the people. Both foreign and Indian media appear to have vowed to dismantle the Hindu edifice by demeaning their Hindu Gods, Gurus, traditions and customs, Temples, worship services, languages, leaders and the organizations. It appears that they are allergic to the word Hindu itself. They are constantly harping, crying and horrifying against the Hindus to create doubt in the minds of Hindus and other religions. They never recognize the fact that they cannot even open their mind, write one single sentence and criticize the atrocities committed by Christians and Muslims. They look at the negative side of Hindus ignoring the fact that Hindus are the embodiment of tolerance, freedom and non-violence. The media turn its blind eye to all the atrocities of the minorities, their open desire to convert India into their respective religions, their desire to break up India, their plans to divide the Communities, their sinister plan to convert gullible Hindus with numerous deceptive practices and their desire to belittle Hindu ways of worship services. Some of the media outlets are outright bought by Christians, Muslims and Communists. These journalists and reporters have become presstitudes – Prostitutes to the investors selling their integrity, mind, consciousness, objective reporting and balanced coverage. Their reporting is totally slanted to encourage the two major religions wage war against Hindus. They have become their worst enemies of their own country and sold their body and mind to their bosses of their outlets. Their objective is to look down upon their country and Hindus in particular. They have become the torch bearers of destabilization of India. Indian media is constantly look for an opportunity to run down Hindu Gurus, malign them with false accusations, report untruthful information without any investigation, and question the miraculous powers of these Gurus. They have no interest in knowing even an iota of the richness and greatness of Hindu scriptures. They have become conditioned to read one book and closed their minds for any further knowledge. They never question the miracles the Christian Pastors do. They witness the pastors miraculously curing the diseases of people who were supposed to have lost their legs. Even one sentence of the truth about the real intention of Mother Teresa would draw their ire by criticizing the Hindus and their leaders. However, they expediently ignore the Southern Baptist Churches books which call Hinduism as Satanic and say that “Hindus live in the darkness of their hearts, which no lamp can dispel.” Similarly, both foreign and Indian media has no problem with Pope Paul who wanted to plant across India – converting India into a Christian Country. Francois Gautier, a French Journalist who is living in India for more than three decades, is amazed at the negativity of the journalist toward India and their hatred toward Hindus. His assessment of Indian media and foreign journalists is noteworthy and worth remembering. Regarding Indian media he said, “it is true that I often said that the India Media has been the worst enemy of its own country, because in the last fifty years, it has been heavily influenced by forces (the communists, the Muslims, the Christian missionaries and partly the Congress, which needs these minorities to get re-elected) which are profoundly hostile to the Hindus. “(P: 71, A Western Journalist on India). Addressing the foreign journalists, Gautier, “India is a great and ancient civilization, which gave so much to the world and has still so much to give. By constantly perverting its image in our dispatches, by always harping on its negative sides, by debasing Hinduism, which constitutes the inherent genius of this country, we show that we are bad journalists, that we are not able to go beyond the surface, beyond the clichés and prejudices and the Truth.” (P:72) Anti-Yogi Bias in Western Media Many news outlets such as CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, the Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera and others made so many statements against selection of Yogi Adityanath only to incite Muslims and Christians.  In the West, some of the newspapers are anti-Modi and anti-Yogi as they are influence by the Muslims and Congress followers in USA. These newspapers are sold to Islamic forces.  To please their investors whose subsistence lies in t the hands of Muslim countries, they must take a stand against the Hindu leaders. As soon as Yogi Adityanath was elected as Chief Minister of Uttara Pradesh, the Western newspapers entered the ring insinuating, insulting and belittling him as Hindu fundamentalist, saffronist and firebrand Hindu cleric. His selection as Chief Minister sent shockwaves across the liberal, tainted, and biased media across Europe and USA. Many journalists could not absorb and digest the fact that he was elected with thumping majority. They do not acknowledge the fact that clear majority of Muslim women got BJP elected. Ellen Berry and Suhasini Raj of New York Times (March 18, 2017) were sarcastic and venomously describe him as Hindu-warrior priest who is incorruptible that he doesn’t use air conditioners and sleeps on the floor. He is transforming India into a Hindu nation. The foreign journalists have become speechless. They were hissing like snakes without fangs. They are unable to digest the news that he won the elections with overwhelming majority where huge number of Muslim ladies voted for BJP.  They described him as a radical, very ambitious and rebellious. The even find a person to say that he speaks for Hindus. “Within his heart, he is a totally ant-Muslim person.”  These blind-sighted journalists cannot even acknowledge that Muslim women who wanted triple talaaq to be made illegal went to polling booths in overwhelming numbers to give overwhelming majority to BJP. They threw away their neutrality in reporting to the pit and objectivity to the dust. Rakesh Shah observed that “NYT’s article is a bundle of lies. They should know how popular Yogi is among Muslims of his area too. They should know some of the most responsible functionaries in the Gorakhnath temple are in fact Muslims. Passing adverse, loose, disrespectful and false comments on Prime Minister Modi is the most offensive and unfriendly act by this rotten newspaper.” (Hindu Human Rights, July 14, 2017). The Guardian (March 18, 2017) described the election of Yogi Adityanath in their editorial as “victory for anti-Muslim bigotry.”  Accused Yogi as contemptuous toward Muslims and Mother Teresa. Many foreign correspondents reported that she converted people even after the Hindus dies in her sanctuary without proper care.  investigative reporting justifies his assessment. The Guardian did not offer any evidence prove to refute his statements that “young Muslim men had launched a “love jihad” to entrap and convert Hindu women. Mother Teresa, he claimed, wanted to Christianize India … Mr Adityanath, now a powerful figure, is signaling that in India minorities exist merely on the goodwill of the majority. Step out of line and there will be blood.” They only want to throw mud at Yogi and Hindus to please their investors. The Economist expressed its spite and hatred toward Hinduism by attacking Yogi as bigoted and inflammatory rhetoric figure who may instigate bloodshed in the state by denying the Muslims minority status.  This papers meanness and vindictive views are meant to instigate Muslims to terrorize the state as commended by their religion. It says, “The unusual choice has raised alarms, not least among Uttar Pradesh’s 40m-strong Muslim minority; the BJP won 312 of 403 seats in the state legislature without fielding a single Muslim candidate. Mr Adityanath, who has a long record of bigoted and inflammatory rhetoric, has named just one Muslim to his 43-person cabinet. Some analysts say Mr Modi chose a controversial sectarian as reward for his most ideological followers’ crucial grassroots help in the voting. Others say that with his prospects for re-election in 2019 strengthened by winning a state with 220m people, Mr Modi simply has less fear of revealing a darker Hindu-nationalist tint.” This magazine disgraced itself to be an Economist. Any magazine that speaks about economy should have studied the impact of reservations on the economy of the country, the loss of resources, and why the able-bodied minorities should be given undue advantage over Hindus. BBC characterizes the election of Yogi as “a controversial religious leader known for anti-Muslim rhetoric as the next Chief Minister of Uttara Pradesh.” It is creating fear and animosity among other religions by saying that “Are Hindu nationalist a danger to other Indians? Anbarasan Ethirajan of BBC accused him as a “polarising figure because of his well-publicised anti-Muslim comments.” The Washington Post (March 20, 2017) headline reads that “For state leader, Modi taps firebrand politician who once advocated killing Muslims” and goes on to say that “In incendiary speeches across the sprawling and impoverished Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, he has long advocated for Hindu ideals and even exhorted his followers to kill Muslims.” All these statements were meant to please the Muslims expecting to receive substantial support from Muslim countries for the newspaper and create division in the society by giving ammunition to the secularists and so-called intellectuals. This kind of coverage is aimed pandering to the terrorist, violent and hidden agenda of Christians and Muslims to dismantle Hindu edifice. In another article, it says, “Meet the militant monk spreading Islamophobia in India” and describes him as a controversial and divisive figure for his militant, misogynistic and ant-Muslim rhetoric.” In another provocative and insinuating article, “Meet the militant monk spreading Islamophobia in India” The Washington Post writer Nilanjana Bhowmik is even more malicious. She was charging that Modi and Yogi have become custodians of the two most engaging symbols of Hindus – cow and Ayodhya Temple. Her mind is so poisoned that she cannot see the difference between the wishes of Hindus who have never insulted and killed for the propagation of their religion and the wishes of Muslims who champion the cause of violence, terror, killing and converting India into Islamic country. The Muslim anti-Hindu statements do not count for this writer’s presstitude mind.     Aftar Alam in Huffington Post accuses the BJP government of intolerant toward minorities and accused the protectors of cow, which is sacred for 80 percent of Hindus, as vigilantes for the unrest in the state. But he would not acknowledge that the minorities are openly challenging the Constitution where the government is required to develop plans to protect cows. They are deliberately subverting the law by engaging in smuggling cows to kill in illegal slaughterhouses. The author says that in the name of Hindutva, Yogi Adityanath is threatening the secularism enshrined in the constitution. All these minorities use the secular as a kicking ball without ever defining the word. Across the globe people believe that there should be a separation of religion and government. No Muslim country talks about secularism, democracy and freedom of speech. But in India, secularism means special appeasement policies to grant unethical privileges to Muslims and Christians while denying the same privileges to Hindus. Why should there be special provisions and measures only for minorities. The Congress government thrived on the concept of Vote bank politics for its selfishness rather than for the welfare of country. Despite all the scientific evidence to the virtues of cow products, benefits of Suryanamaskar, and protecting the women from deceptive means to woo the Hindu girls, these secularists have become the enemies of the majority population demanding more privileges and increased quotas.  Foreign media is drawing their guns against Modi, Yogi, BJP, RSS and Hindus for standing up the richness and greatness of India and for their tireless efforts to preserve the most peaceful, tolerant and accommodative religion on the earth. It is a payoff time for all these journalists, newspapers and electronic media to their debtors – Muslims and Christians. They know that their relentless and constant criticism of Hindu leaders will have far-reaching impact on the minds of people of India and inspire the minorities to wage war against Hindu leadership. Western media is fearful of the Muslims. They never opened their eyes to the centuries of atrocities across the globe. Their memory of the Muslim history spans to days only; ignoring the long brutal, barbarous and bloodied history of Muslims.  Since they must serve their masters, they keep harping on the dangers of impact of losing the immoral and ethical appeasement policies on Muslims. The Western liberal media is afraid that Yogi government might remove all the special privileges accorded to the minorities over last seven decades. They appear to see Muslims as zombies with no opportunity to learn, compete and excel. The media do not want to talk about Muslims being productive, skilled and talented individuals. It is hard for many foreign journalists gauge the sentiments of the people of Bharath as they are ensconced in the liberal, anti-Hindu and so-called secularist colonies rubbing their shoulders for their livelihood. Foreign liberal media, which supports and inspires the India liberal media, is making their hateful and insinuating report on Hindus acceptable and even laudable. Reporting of Muslim atrocities, violent verses in Quran that advocate torture and killing, abuse of triple talaaq, beating of wives, sharia law denying equal justice and so on are unacceptable. The media is afraid of the threatening consequences. Media lost its credibility and failed to read the sentiments of the people they write. Like cocoons, they live in their own world insulated from reality. DONATIONS Please DONATE. Your donations are appreciated to continue the work. 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07 Jun 2018