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Dear Hindu Samudai, sorry for the interruption, but GLOBAL HINDU HERITAGE FOUNDATION really needs you. This is the 1st ever appeal we've shown you. All we ask is $51 [ ₹ ] and it's easy to donate on your phone. We are not greedy, so consider donating just $51 so that you can come again next year; also we understand we are not the only Hindu organization, so we encourage you to save your donation pocket. Please share our articles, to spread awareness and also to help us decide either to reduce the collective donation burden next year or add more Hindu revival causes. We ask you, humbly: Please don't scroll away.
Curious on why we began this appeal?

First off, GLOBAL HINDU HERITAGE FOUNDATION is very pleased by your support in keeping our Hindutvam reviving activities as a continuous effort. We have been brainstorming and working at various levels & activities in withholding our religious freedom with dignity and pride in Bharat.

GHHF runs purely on donations. But it has been unfortunate in recent months for being exhausted in standing against the overwhelming Hindu-extinguishing forces, on various fronts like judicial, cultural, educational, evangelical, jihadical, etc, with present financial aid that we are receiving. We have almost reached a brink of giving up our struggle.

As we all are aware that voluntary service compromises on quality of service, we can achieve quality only with more volunteers. But since we have too few voluntary people on the ground, we have injected salaried employees, welcome gifts to Gharwapasis, daily gifts to Bala Samskar kids, helping poor temple priests, goushalas & temple rennovations, legal maintenance, etc. And this in turn is now becoming a bottle neck to achieve financial fulfillment every month/year. All we ask is $51 per year. More members, less collective burden, more service.

How long do we run this drive?
OK. Now that we began apologizing for interrupting you, please feel free to get interrupted during Kartheeka maas (around November). Well, religions of Tithe and Zakat/Jiziya do suck up to 10% of the income by appealing every month. Let us all Hindus get used to be reminded once an year as a small effort to forward a step towards the revival of Hindutvam.
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Dallas NRIs demand Telangana Government to Revoke Externmnet Order against Swami Paripoornananda

30 Jul 2018 381 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other organizations in Dallas Texas met on July 27 and expressed their disappointment, astonishment and shock on the externment of a saintly person like Swami Paripoornananda was for planning to undertake a peaceful march from Hyderabad to Yadagiri Gutta by chanting only Rama nama without any speeches. They only wanted to have darshan of Lord Narasimha. The Externment ordered listed a number of statements that were supposed to “cause alarm, danger or harm to person or property.” These statements were collected from 2107 speeches. There was no trace of harm or danger was for seven months. Then why did the government order externmnet. Where is the proof that Swami’s statements caused harm or dangers? Does the Police Department has any data to prove?  It is pure gutter, vicious and brutal politics to please the minorities at the expense Hindus. Police Department lost its credibility by succumbing to the KCR government. Hindu Temples lands are sold in Telangana without permission, build Hajj houses, constructed Hajj terminals with majority Hindu money and denied majority meritorious Hindus the opportunity to excel.  History cannot be erased by Telangana Police Department.

The statements made by Swami Paripoornananda were accurate, historical and proven by the facts. Hajj Subsidy is a fact, Nizam Rule is ruthless, Mughal rulers were violent, destroyed Hindu Temples, raped women, confiscated wealth and killed kafirs. That is a fact known even for an uneducated person.

Prakasarao Velagapudi, Charan Reddy, SatyanKalyanadurg, Gopal Ponanagi, Vasant Suri, Kalavala Rao, Ravi Pattisam, Mahesh Choppa, Narasimha Rao Vemula, and other spoke extensively about the unfortunate situation purposefully created the Telangana government.

All the Dallas Hindu NRRI’s passed the following resolution asking the Chief Minister, and Police Commissioners to take immediate steps cancel the Externment order.

“We, the entire Dallas Indian Community from Global Hindu Heritage Foundation request the government of India and Telangana to take appropriate actions against any individuals or organizations who are demeaning Hindu Rituals, Hindu God's, Hindu Scriptures and allow freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to gather to discuss things important to the community with a commitment to abstain from insulting and demeaning other faiths.

We demand the government to Immediately revoke the Externment order and apologize Swami Paripoornananda Ji for torturous experience while transportation to Kakinada and to preserve the ancient culture of Bharat that is the epitome of tolerance, so essential for human existence.”

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