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[GHHF] KUDOS WITH ALAS! Kudos to Anna Hazare’s Victory; Alas to Appeasement, double standards and deception

10 Oct 2011 324 Views

“India alone was to be, of all lands, the land of toleration and of spirituality…in that distant time the sage arose and declared, ekam sad vipra bahudha vadanti (He who exists is one; the sages call him variously). This is one of the most memorable sentences that was ever uttered, one of the grandest truths that was ever discovered. And for us Hindus this truth has been the very backbone of our national existence…our country has become the glorious land of religious toleration…The world is waiting for this grand idea of universal toleration….The other great idea that the world wants from us today….is that eternal ideal of the spiritual oneness of the whole universe…This is the dictate of Indian philosophy. This oneness is the rationale of all ethics and all spirituality.” Swami Vivekananda

First Give the Credit – Kudos to Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare successfully waged a one-man battle with moral strength and people’s support in bringing about awareness in the Indian masses about the steps to be taken to root out the corruption at all levels. It is a great victory for Anna, for anti-corruption, for democracy and the people of Bharath. He was able to galvanize the country, spur the sentiments of the people, tap the moral fiber of the nation, goad the younger generation, attract cross section of the population, touch the nerve centers of the masses, infuse spiritual experience, create pride among them, tap the anger of the people, and convert the movement into a peaceful revolution that swept the country.

On the three main issues of Jan Lokpal Bill - establishing a citizen's charter, include all levels of bureaucracy under Lokpal through an appropriate mechanism, and establishment of Lokayukta in the states - a resolution passed in both by voice vote Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, conveying consensus on by voice vote and sending to the standing committee.

The Congress party was unprepared to deal with Anna Hazare who is morally sound and ethically impeccable. Questioning his integrity and finances backfired badly. The Congress party was shaken up with the swelling of mass support across the country in almost all the states and  in major cities, they did not want to use the brute force they successfully inflicted on the movement of Baba Ramdev few months before. This time the Congress Party’s suave, sophisticated, polished and cunning actors such as Kapil Sibal, P. Chidambaram, and Digvijay Singh, who successfully thwarted the peaceful march of Baba Ramdev in the middle of the night, were sidelined, sacked, mimed, stilled  and silenced. They were nowhere to be seen. The senior most cabinet minister Pranab Mukherjee, Salman Khurshid, Vilasrao Deshmukh and Sandeep Dikshit helped cross the crisis situation.

With the inclusion of three features and the resolution to send the “sense of the house” to standing committee, the 74-year old Anna Hazare, this crusader against corruption scored a moral victory. BJP acknowledges that it amounts to be "moral pressure" on the standing committee. Some call it “A huge moral victory for Team Anna,” while others call it “dazzling moral victory.”


BHARAT MAATA ABUSED:  Symbol is replaced?

If we all remember that Anna Hazare’s fast in April had a different backdrop on the stage and also had a different image in the website. What happened to the patriotic and national image that represented his movement?  The background set-up in April had an image of Bharat Mata encircled by the map of India. In August the map changed; it encircled with a symbol of Tiranga.

In April Bharat Mata image was in the background set-up of the stage erected at Jantar Mantar on which Hazare was lying on a fast-unto-death for the Jan Lokpal Bill. In August, it was Tricolor logo and the image of Gandhi. Why Bharata Mata logo was changed?

It appears that the movement leaders decided to give a secular character to the logo as some civil society members were uneasy on displaying an image, which is identified as a Hindu religious symbol.  Bharat Mata is considered to be an incarnation of Devi Durga. “The issue was raised in the strategic meeting held after Hazare ended his fast. Women activists like Kavita Krishnan, Nandini Ojha and others raised the issue and requested the movement leaders to replace the image. It did not take long for the leaders to agree to replace the image,” Deccan Herald, April 14, 2011).

The question is why did he change the image? One wonders how much he knows about Secularism and what it means to him and what role it plays in preserving the richness, grandeur, truth, righteousness, tolerance and non-violence of Sanatana Dharma that embodies Bharata Mata? The questions to ask are:

1) Would Anna Hazare stop saying Jai Hind and Bharat Mata ki Jai; also singing Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana because Muslims oppose them and secularists abhor them?

2) Would Anna Hazare would call himself as Hindu or listen to secularists and remain silent on this matter?

3) Would any of the Muslims approve of secular society in any country including India?

4) Would the any of the secularists define the term secular?

5) Would the secularists challenge the government taking over the Hindu Temples?

6) Would the secularists ask the government to stop Haj subsidy?

7) Is it OK with if the secularists are called Kafirs to be executed.

We request Anna Hazare to reconsider these issues and see if he can get any of his close secularists will have the answers for these questions. He has to understand that secularism in nothing but anti-Hindu. We can provide you with whatever information Sri Anna Hazare needs to prove that so called secularists, mullahs, missionaries, media and politicians are denigrating, demeaning, debasing, damaging and destroying Sanatana Dharma.


Team Anna kneeled to Imam, Why?       

Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid announced Hazare is not a secular man and Muslims should not support him in the movement. Bukhari said that Islam is against the slogans like “Vande Mataram”(Hail to the Motherland) and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” to rally its supporters, saying it was blasphemous for Muslims. Further he stated that “You cannot pray a nation in Islam. If few Muslims are participating in Hazare demonstration this does not represent the 25 crore Muslims in this country ... If Anna Hazare is secular then why he has not included any Muslim in his committee members," said Bukhari, while criticizing the anti-corruption crusader.

Before Bukhari blurted his barbs on August 22, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi ran and had a 105-minute long meeting with Jama Masjid Shahi Imam here on Monday night at the latter's residence during which the Shahi Imam requested Bedi to include the issue of communal harmony in Anna Hazare's campaign. Bukhari told Bedi that the Muslim community was ignored when the Joint Drafting Committee was set up. "I have requested her to include the issue of communal harmony in the campaign, which is a vital issue. There should be slogans for Hindu-Muslim unity so that the feelings of any one community should not be affected."

Now would the Anna Team sideline the “India Against Corruption,” and start the slogan “Hindu-Muslim Unity?”

Kiran Bedi even invited Shahi Imam to attend the congregation at Ramlila Maidan, but the latter did not give any firm reply.  Arvind Kejriwal was to join the discussions, but he could not attend due to his busy schedule. Earlier, contending that communalism was as bigger a threat to India than corruption, the Shahi Imam on Monday asked Anna Hazare why he and his campaign managers did not do more to involve Muslims in their anti-graft movement.

1) Would they treat “communalism” as a major threat than corruption because Imam Bukhari said it?

2) Is Ann Team going to invite and involve Muslims in their anti-corruption movement?

3) Did Kiran Bedi say that Team Anna ever invited Hindus? If the answer is no, is there any reason to extend special invitation to Muslims?

4) When Imam requested that communal harmony be included in the campaign, was there any disharmony noticed in the movement?  Was there an implied threat by the Imam?

5) Why was a Muslim girl and a Dalit girl was selected to give coconut water with honey to break Anna’s 13 day fast? Was it another appeasement?


In contrast, Team Anna distanced itself from RSS, VHP and BJP. These Hindu organizations have shown their vasudaika kutumba spirit by supporting and participating the anti-corruption movement. Their commitment to the nation to root out the corruption can be seen in providing free food to the participants irrespective of their religion or caste. They set aside the snubs by the so-called secularists and brought national harmony in the movement without ever being recognized. The secularists of Anna Team were playing politics with the Hindu organizations by telling them not to join them on the stage and at the same time inviting Muslim Imam to attend the movement. They have become selfish and self-centered to the extent that they would use whatever political maneuvering they can to distance themselves with Hindu organizations to please the secularists, Muslims and others; and at the time go to the house of Sri L K Advani and meet with BJP leaders.

At the most critical time in the negotiations, it was BJP that made the difference. It was their assurance that salvaged the Jan Lokpal Bill in the parliament

What kind of moral fiber these members of Team Anna have to lead a movement. Anna Hazare should be cognizant of the double standards, deception and appeasement tactics being used in his movement?

Would they call these Hindu Organizations to stop distributing free food because this is Hindu food or communal that the secularists may not relish?

Why did they allow Baba Ramdev, Bhaiyuu Ji Maharaj, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to be on the stage? Would it not be communal?

The Secularists are hijacking a Hindu by the name Anna Hazare.

1) The whole nation recognizes Anna Hazare as a staunch Hindu who follows strict disciple in his life through out his upbringing, barring early years. The British newspaper the Guardian observes as thus: “He is an old-style Indian social activist - evidenced by his spotless white clothes, the white cap, or topi, popularised by activists, including Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi, and the pen in his top pocket as a marker of literacy. Hazare's vision of India is both deeply conservative and reforming. A strictly teetotal Hindu, he has banned tobacco, meat, and cable TV from the village where he lives, and has campaigned against caste prejudice. Hazare also played a part in setting up India's revolutionary right to information laws.”

2) Anna has referred to “Vivekananda: a Biography” by Nikhilananda as the source of inspiration for his movement.  Anna Hazare wrote in his “Biography” in his website as follows:

At times, Hazare used to be frustrated with life and wondered about the very existence of human life. His mind yearned to look out for a solution to this simple and basic question. His frustration reached the peak level and at one particular moment, he also contemplated suicide. For this, he had also penned a two-page essay on why he wants to live no more. Fortunately for him, inspiration came from the most unexpected quarters – at the bookstall of the railway station of New Delhi, where he was located then. He came across a book of Swami Vivekananda and immediately bought it.

He was inspired by Vivekananda’s photograph on the cover. As he started reading the book, he found answers to all his questions, he says. The book revealed to him that the ultimate motive of human life should be service to humanity. Striving for the betterment of common people is equivalent to offering a prayer to the God, he realized.

3) Lord Ganesha Festival

It was announced that on September 1, Anna will install Lord Ganesha idol at the public pandal in the village with his hands to commence the Ganesha festival. He would also address a 'gram-sabha' (public meeting) in the afternoon.

Owing to Mr. Hazare’s fatigue, a Gram Sabha  that was originally scheduled for Thursday afternoon was postponed to Friday. The septuagenarian stayed at the Padmavati Temple all day, avoiding the media gaze. In fact, Anna Hazare, for the first time in three decades, remained absent to this annual Ganapathi festival celebration.

4) Anna Worshipped

Anna Mania reached is gripping the whole country. In fact in some villages Anna is fashioned to like Ganesha.  His pictures and messages have been hung in all the pandals. When the idols of Lord Ganesha were invoked and rituals performed by the priests, Hazare was also worshipped. One of the organizers of a puja at Barra said that Anna has become a brand now. Several articles sold in the market bear his name. "We have planned to add his name to our puja. After performing puja of Lord Ganesha, Anna was also worshipped and a number of people took part in it."

Anna should realize the sentiments of Hindus and the respect he carries. He should not take advantage of Hindu tolerance and respect.

Will he ever be given this kind of treatment in any other religion? Will Muslims, Christians, and Secularists ever worship him?

He should gauge the sentiments of Hindus and should not ignore them because it is not palatable to secularists.

5) Satyagraha

During the course of his anti-corruption movement, Anna Hazare used many different terms to signify the essence of his mission. These are all Hindu terms loaded with spiritual meaning. He used terms like Satyagraha, andolan (movement), kranti (revolution), book herbal (hunger strike), aside ki lanai (freedom fight) etc.  The object of using these terms is to convey the very meaning of his mission so that he would be able to attract diverse groups of people, to elevate the country, to tap the moral fiber, to inspire the youth to better life, and to root out the social ills, particularly corruption.

Mahatma Gandhi conceived “Satyagraha” to fight a long battle against the British. His way of protest was based on non-violence utilizing the concept of Satyagraha. The Vedic concept of Satyagraha consists of Satya, Ahimsa and Tapasya. ‘Satya’ implies openness, honesty and truthfulness involving the opinion of every person as a part of the truth. ‘Ahimsa’ refers to non-violence and treats the opponents with the same love as that of our own and ‘Tapasya’ is willingness to sacrifice. A Satyagrahi always provide a face saving way out for the opponents. The goal of a Satyagraha is to fight for the truth and justice and not to achieve victory over the opponents. Mahatma Gandhi defined Satyagraha as ‘satya’ means truth and ‘agraha’ means firmness. He said that if you are firm in the truth in the long run you are going to win.

6) Take Pride in Being Hindu

Hindus should not allow secularists, Muslims, Christians and other political party leaders to define them. One should not hide their identity. Most Muslims declare themselves as Muslims first before even recognizing as Indians. Many Christians do likewise. Kashmir Chief Minister said in the parliament in New Delhi said that he is a Muslim and then an Indian. He did not say that he is an Indian first. Anna Hazare should declare himself as Hindu. I am not sure he needs to be told otherwise to hide the truth by any group. Secularists, some politicians and other religious groups may call him Hindu Fundamentalist. Same people will zip their mouths about Omar and all others who cheerfully declare themselves as either Muslims or Christians.

Let us remember what Lord McCauley said in his speech on Feb 2, 1835 in British Parliament:

"I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation".

There is a lesson for all Hindus to learn from this. During British rule, Britain was trying to break the very backbone of Hindu spiritual and cultural heritage by making them zombies; at present secularists are making Hindus feel guilty of their faith and make them zombies devoid of any morals.

Anna Hazare should declare himself a HINDU first

Anna Hazare is a born Hindu, wears Hindu clothes, sports a tilak on his forehead, he kneels at the gods and goddesses, lives in the premise of a Hindu Temple, participated in many Hindu festivals, and even installed Ganesh for the festival? He imbibed a set of Hindu morals, ethics, norms that exemplify righteousness, honesty, truth, justice, tolerance, nonviolence and freedom. He should stand firm on his values and announce where he stands. He should not hide himself from his faith for the sake of secularists, Muslims and Congress Party leaders. He should declare himself a Hindu. It is because of his Hinduness he is able to work with all faiths. Can any one say the same thing with other religious leaders undertaking a movement like this? He should not surrender his pride for the sake of secularists, Muslims, Christians and other politicians.

He should openly welcome all different faiths and parties to join the movement. But Team Anna members are trying their best to distance themselves from Hindu groups such as RSS, VHP and BJP.  On August 31, Arvind Kejriwal said: “we have been clear that no BJP leader or leader of any communal organization will share the stage with us. This is the decision of our core committee.” What other religious organizations and parties did they ask not to share the stage with Anna Hazare?

In a “secular” society it may not be easy to talk about Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma openly since you may be branded “Hindu fundamentalist,” “Hindu Terrorist,” “Saffron Terrorist” or you may be charged with inciting communal violence. But if a Muslim calls himself a Muslim, the secularists would not call him a “Muslim Fundamentalist” or a “Muslim Terrorist.” The hypocrisy knows no boundaries among secularists and Congress party leaders. They will do anything to appease the minorities for Vote Bank politics. People with no morals, no ethics and no principles of dharma do not comprehend the concept of equal justice and freedom of speech for all.    But through out this movement, Anna Hazare always took pride in saying “Jai Hind,” and singing “Vande Mataram” and “Jana Gana Mana.” It may not be politically correct to chant these three things, but he should be given credit for his courage, fearlessness, determination and guts for chanting and singing with waving Indian national flag in his hands

Anna should declare himself a Hindu? Why? Because, that is the truth. Because, he is fighting for the truth. He cannot forsake faith for others ignoring the truth. As our scripture says: “Let your conduct be marked by truthfulness in word, deed, and thought.” (Taittiriya Upanishad 1.11.1)
Tell the truth boldly, whether it hurts or not. Never pander to weakness. If truth is too much for intelligent people and sweeps them away, let them go; the sooner the better.” Swami Vivekananda

Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!

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