Swami Paripoornananda started Radha Yatra with a Mission to reawaken Hindus and welcome everybody back to Mother’s Lap

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The time has come for the Hinduism of the Rishis to become dynamic. Shall we stand by whilst alien hands attempt to destroy the fortress of the Ancient Faith?…Shall we remain passive or shall we become aggressive, as in the days of old, preaching unto the nations the glory of the Dharma?…In order to rise again, India must be strong and united, and must focus on all its living forces. To bring this about is the meaning of my sannyasa!”  Swami Vivekananda


There comes a time for every individual to reflect on the status of his own existence, his own religion, his own motherland, and his own role in preservation of his inherited cultures. One cannot remain silent when his Hindu edifice is being attacked, being blown away, and being uprooted. One cannot remain indifferent when his cherished values are criticized, his practices are demeaned, his Temples are ransacked, his rituals are ridiculed, his Gods and Goddesses are damaged, his fellow Hindus are converted by deception and allurements, his freedom is being chipped away, his individual rights are chiseled away, and his pride is tarnished. There comes a time to say enough is enough. If Hindus don’t stand up for their religion, for their country, and for their survival, who will stand up?


Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati is a renowned Saint, who has taken an unusual step to conduct Radha Yatra to take dharma to all the villages and town that have been relatively neglected by many spiritual leaders.  It appears as if he has taken up the challenge put forth by Swami Vivekananda who declared that the time has come for all the Rishis to be dynamic and strong to face the unprecedented challenges Hindus are facing both from inside and outside. Time for revival and rejuvenation of Hinduism is now. All the Swamiji’s should get involved and make a difference. If Hindus do not defend their religion, who will defend her, who will protect her, who will preserve her, and who will safeguard her?
Being inspired by the teachings of his Guru (Swami Dayananda Saraswati), Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati realized the need for balancing the society by imparting knowledge and rendering services.  Pujyasri Swamiji established Sreepeetham as the hub of all spiritual and service activities. Since then he has been promoting and propagating the Advaita Philosophy and the principles of Sanatana Dharma by going to every nook and corner of India.


Swami Paripoornananda started Hindu (Mano) Radha Yatra on the occasion of his 40th birthday on November 1 from Sree Lakshmi Narasimhaswami Temple which was a part of Sri Krishnadevaraya’s dynasty located in Kadiri, Ananthapur District. The plan of initial phase is to tour about 25 villages over a period of ten days. The main mission of this Radha Yatra is to make all Hindus aware of the richness of the Hindu culture, to exhort them about the universal nature of Sanatana dharma, pronounce the need for peaceful coexistence, articulate the need for transmission of moral and ethical values to the next generation, and the challenges Hindus face from within and without. He emphasized the need to show our love and enunciate mutual respect for all humans irrespective of the caste and creed to establish dharmic, just society. He also mentioned that it is the dharma (duty) of all Hindus to preserve and protect their religion to make it more resilient, robust, rich, enduring and all inclusive Bharatiya traditions and customs.


Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and SaveTemples are very happy to support the Hindu Radha Yatra being conducted by Swami Paripoornananda. Dr. Ghazal Srinivas will join the Yatra personally and lend his support to the movement on a need basis.


Swami Paripoornananda’s mission is to address a number of issues affecting the integrity of Hindu religion and put forth practical and realistic solutions to advance the cause of Hindu revival. Following are some of the issues Swamiji is going to speak to all Hindus in his Yatra:


1)    Build Hostels in every district for the welfare of lower caste and low-income students where they will be provided free accommodation, free meals, and educational assistance. These hostels should encourage them to develop interest in artistic talents, respect for human values, and appreciate the dharmic values; thereby inculcate the Sanatana dharmic values to practice them in their lives.

2)    Secure 50 acres of donated lands for each district to start Goushalas for the cows. Depending on the age of the cow, replace the barren cows of the farmers with fertile cows.  Also, help the farmers by providing the cow dung to the farmers.

3)    Start dhupa, deepa, and naivadyam program in each Temple in order to maintain and continue the age-old traditions and customs relevant for Hindus. He is determined to work tirelessly to see that the movable and immovable property of the private Temples and Temples managed by the Endowments Department are protected. He is going to strive to make Hindu Temples the Centers of social, religious and cultural activities, with the help of Endowments Department to instill dharmic and adhyatmika (enhancement and advancement of body, mind and self), arrange and conduct lectures on religious and spiritual topics and also organize cultural activities. He also plans to work toward restoration of Hindu Temples and performance of Praanaprathishtas for all the neglected the temples with the help of Endowments Department.

4)     Conduct tours in towns and cities to discuss about the significance of bringing back the Dalits and lower class people who drifted to other religions either by force or by necessity by creating the dharmic sentiments and infusing bhakti.  Through the “Mother’s Lap” program, he plans to encourage converted Hindus back to the Hindu religion they were born into.

5)    Create Hindu Address Bank consisting of all the Hindu organizations engaged in the propagation of dharmic values to make Hindus aware of their service to the community.

6)    The mission of the Radha Yatra is not only to encourage Hindus to attend Temples, receive prasdam and Teerdham but also develop service orientation to the society, instill bhakti (devotion), increase moral fabric to be compassionate and engage in dharmic activities.


7)     All the Archakas and Priests will not only  be urged to maintain high standards of morals and attend to the Temple duties, but also encourage them to take additional responsibility of going to all the families in the villages to conduct various religious festivals and rituals in their residences.


8)    Initiate Youth Wings to impart the richness of their Hindu culture, imbibe the knowledge, develop proper personality traits, establish dharmic values, create Desha bhakti (pride in their country), and foster equality among all people. Future generation should be encouraged to create pride in their Hindu heritage.


9)    Swamiji’s, Maataji’s and scholars should initiate programs to conduct lectures and rituals in the villages, towns, mandalas and districts to propagate Hindu religion vigorously to strengthen the religious values and reinforce the believes among Hindus.


10) Women are the ambassadors of practicing Sanatana dharma, upholders of customs and traditions, and should work as a balancing force in the family. His mission is to encourage women to practice these customs so that their children will follow their footsteps and shape the moral fabric of the country.


11) The mission of this Radha Yatra is also to train people who show interest in propagating the dharmic values in the community.


Schedule of Swami Paripoornananda:


Sri Swamiji started the Yatra on November 1 (Thursday) from Kadiri town and then move to Tanakallu, Nallacheruvu and Nambulapoolakunta on November 2.   On November 3, he will visit Obuladevaracheruvu, Gownipalli, Gorantla, Chilamathur and Lepakshi mandals, on November 4, Hindupur town, and on November 5, he will travel to Parigi, Madakasira, Gudibanda, Hemavathi and Amarapuram mandals.


On November 6, he would cover Pavagada, Roddam and Penukonda; on November 7, Puttaparthi, Bukkapatnam, Kothacheruvu mandals;  on November 8 Dharmavaram town;  on November 9, Bathalapalli and Narpala Mandals; and November 10, Tadpatri.


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