Videos covering the protest - High quality

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High quality (AVI and mpeg-1) videos can be downloaded from the following links.

The press may use the following login/password for a faster download. (The login/password button is at the top on


1. Using a new browser window access Use login savetemples and password chicago at the prompts on the top of the page.
2. Choose and click on any of the URLs below for downloading.
3. Click on the box 'Click here to download'.

4. A dialog box pops up asking for location to save the file. Download to a directory on your PC.


login: savetemples
password: chicago



1. Good Overall coverage of the protest with Press Interviews - India TV (Chicago)(10 minutes - high quality mpeg format 880 MB)
(Same video in lower quality (210 MB mpeg video) 
2. Mr. Jayachand Pallekonda being handcuffed - IndiaTV(chicago) (mpeg format)  (92 MB) 

3. Coverage of the protest - Professional Video - part 1 (AVI format) (74 MB)

4 Coverage of the protest - Professional Video - part2 (AVI format) (93 MB)

5. Save temples protest (mpg) (6.8 MB)

6. Bhajans in the protest (mpg) (6.5 MB)

7. ISKCON devotees join the protest (mpg) (6.2 MB)

8. Slogans and demands (mpg) (2.27 MB)

9. Another demonstration with slogans and demands (mpg) (4.54 MB)

10 . Slogan shouting in protest (mpg) (7.01 MB)

11. Women singing bhajans (mpg) (3.37 MB)




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