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You can download this wonderful PDF book chapter by chapter from the link below.



Section One Introduction to Hinduism

Chapter-1. Hinduism, the Greatest Religion in the World
[A Satguru’s Penetrating Insights on the Earth’s Oldest Living Faith]
Page 1


Chapter-2. Hinduism’s Four Denominations
[Hinduism Is a Splendrous Lotus with Four Superb Petals]
Page 20


Chapter-3. God, Soul and the World
[Hindu Views on the Threefold Nature of Existence]
Page 28


Chapter-4. A Hindu Primer
[A Code of Practices, Beliefs and Attitudes Common to All Hindus]
Page 44


Chapter-5. Who Is a Hindu?
[Insights from Saints and Scholars on What Makes One a Hindu]
Page 54


Chapter-6. Twelve Beliefs of Saivism
[A Sacred Creed of One of Hinduism’s Four Primary Denominations]
Page 58


Chapter-7. Hindu Scriptures
[Ancient Holy Texts Revealed by God and Man]
Page 66


Chapter-8. The Vedic Experience
[A Bouquet of Verses from the Vedas, Hinduism’s Most Venerated Scripture]
Page 82


Chapter-9. Sacred Symbols
[Endearing Icons of Mythology, Mysticism, Culture and Devotion]
Page 92


Chapter-10. Family Life and Monastic Life
[The Spiritual Ideals of Hinduism’s Two Noble Paths of Dharma]
Page 100


Chapter-11. A Creed of Monasticism
[Vivekananda’s “Song of the Sannyasin” Boldy Defines the Ideals of Monastic Life]
Page 116


Chapter-12. Ten Questions People Ask About Hinduism
[Bringing Light to Key Areas of Curiosity, Confusion and Misconception]
Page 120


Chapter-13. How to Become a Hindu
[Personal Stories of Men and Women Who Formally Entered Hinduism]
Page 132


Chapter-14. Hinduism and Buddhism
[A Brilliant Comparison of Asia’s Two Spiritual Titans]
Page 140


Section Two: Hindu Metaphysics

Chapter-15. The Satguru
[Hymns in Praise of Enlightened Masters and a Discussion of their Centrality]
Page 149


Chapter-16. The Chakras
[Exploring the Fourteen Mystical Force Centers that Govern Awareness]
Page 158


Chapter-17. Subtle Energy Highways
[Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, the Main Currents of Our Psychic Nerve System]
Page 162


Chapter-18. The Human Aura
[Understanding and Improving Your Colorful Emotional Energy Field]
Page 164


Chapter-19. Death and Dying
[The Hindu View of the Grand Departure and Its Sacred Rites of Passage]
Page 168


Chapter-20. Life After Death
[Hindu Metaphysics’ Answers to Universal Questions About the “End of Life”]
Page 172


Chapter-21. Hindu Astrology’s Lunar Mansions
[The 27 Nakshatras and Their Impact on Human Nature and Behavior]
Page 176

Section Three: How Hindus Worship


Chapter-22. The Home Shrine
[How and Why to Establish a Holy Room for Worship and Meditation]
Page 182


Chapter-23. My Friend, Lord Ganesha
[All About Hinduism’s Benevolent Elephant-Faced Lord of Dharma]
Page 186


Chapter-24. Home Puja
[A Worship Ceremony to Ganesha with Explanations and Sanskrit Chants]
Page 202


Chapter-25. Visiting a Hindu Temple
[A Guide to the Inner and Outer Workings of Hindu Places of Worship]
Page 218


Chapter-26. Holy Festivals
[Insights into the Annual Hindu Celebrations Enjoyed the World Over]
Page 226


Chapter-27. Home Festivals
[Annual Observances That Uplift the Family and Spiritualize the Household]
Page 234


Chapter-28. Kumbha Mela
[Cosmic Alignment and Divine Presence Empower Humanity’s Largest Gathering]
Page 242

Section Four: Spiritual Practices

Chapter-29. Karma Management
[A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Effectively Deal with Your Karma]
Page 249


Chapter-30. Karma and Reincarnation
[Insights from Swami Vivekananda on How We Each Forge Our Own Destiny]
Page 258


Chapter-31. How to Ease Karma
[Using the Power of Penance to Mitigate the Effects of Misdeeds]
Page 262


Chapter-32. Anger Management
[Seven Ways to Tame Your Most Destructive Emotion]
Page 269


Chapter-33. Silence is Golden
[Mind and Emotions Are Calmed as We Observe Mauna, Restraint of Speech]
Page 278


Chapter-34. Hatha Yoga
[A 24-Posture System of Body Tuning and Preparation for Meditation]
Page 282


Chapter-35. Sacred Pilgrimage
[Seeking God, Begging for Boons and Atoning for Misdeeds at 14 Holy Places]
Page 288

Section Five: Family Life and Culture

Chapter-36. Hindu Hospitality
[How the Guest is Treated as God in the Hindu Home]
Page 294


Chapter-37. Raising Children as Good Hindus
[Parents are the First Gurus in Religion and Character Building]
Page 302


Chapter-38. Cultural Clues and Clues
[Keys to Hindu Protocol for Novice Pilgrims to the Holy Lands]
Page 318


Chapter-39. Rites of Passage
[Personal Ceremonies That Sanctify and Celebrate Life’s Crucial Junctures]
Page 322


Chapter-40. Honoring the Arts of Homemaking
[An Artist’s Portrayal of the Hindu Wife’s Traditional Domestic Duties]
Page 326


Chapter-41. Hail Hindu Heroes!
[Celebrating Some of India’s Champions of Virtue, Strength and Spirituality]
Page 332

Section Six: Hindu Ethics

Chapter-42. Hinduism’s Code of Conduct
[Twenty Keys for Spiritual Living in Contemporary Times]
Page 338


Chapter-43. The Meat-Free Life
[Five Good Reasons to Be a Vegetarian and Ten Arguments Against Eating Meat]
Page 342


Chapter-44. Medical Ethics
[Hindu Insights on 25 Sensitive Areas Frequently Encountered by Physicians]
Page 350


Chapter-45. To Do No Harm
[Exploring the Cardinal Virtue of Non-Injury in Thought, Word and Deed]
Page 358


Chapter-46. Lighten Up
[A Selection of Cartoons Playing on Hindu Nuances and Beliefs]
Page 364



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