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[GHHF] Recommendations to Preserve Hinduism, Maha Pada Yatra, Main Speakers, your support requested

31 Jan 2009 325 Views




You never cease to labor until you have revived the glorious past of India in the consciousness of the people. That will be the true national education, and with its advancement, a true national spirit will be awakened. Sri Swami Vivekananda


American people which declared that their legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church and State. Thomas Jefferson


It is with the goal of protecting, preserving and reviving the glorious past of Hindustan; it is with the goal of imparting the national spirit and spiritual education; it is with the aim of preserving the individual freedom and liberty all citizens of the nation; it is with the object of ending the discrimination of Hindus who are denied the basic human right of managing their own institutions; it is with the mission of ensuring peace to segments of the planet earth; it is with the aim of establishing respect for human life and reverence for peaceful coexistence; it is with purpose of establishing a wall of separation between religion and government;  it is with a determination to demolish the house of secularism which harbors  horror and terror; and it is with the intention of  refusing to be an object of illegal, forced, unethical conversion tactics, a group of people developed the following recommendations to be submitted to all the political, religious and spiritual leaders of the Bharath. These recommendations are being distributed to various leaders to read, digest, advocate, adopt and implement to the fullest extent so that Hindu ethos of equal treatment is implemented.



Recommendations Submitted by NRIs to Political & Spiritual Leaders in India.

Prepared by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation &

Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti


End the Discrimination against Hindu Community (ALL ITEMS HIGH PRIORITY)


1) Abolish Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act. Restore and compensate at market prices all the Temple lands sold, Temple revenues used for non Hindu causes, encroached lands and the temples destroyed since Independence in 1947.


2)  Establish Hindu Schools to teach Vedic Philosophy and True Hindu (India) History.


3) Rehabilitate 350,000+, Kashmiri Hindus to dignity.

3)  Implement Uniform civil code (Article 44).

4) Repeal Article 370 in order to integrate Jammu & Kashmir fully with India.

5) Abrogate the Article 30 of the Indian Constitution.


Protect India's Territorial integrity from foreign aggression (all except item 3 are HIGH PRIORITY)


1) Protect India's Geographical Boundaries.  Build a solid fool proof fencing system along Bangladesh border.   Expel all Bangladeshi illegal infiltrators and set-up stringent conditions to prevent any further infiltration of Bangladeshis.


2)  Liberate Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Chinese occupation in Laddak and other areas; reinforce North-Eastern borders and coastal areas to reduce illegal entry into India.  Increase the size of armed forces to suit.


3)  Establish an identity system for all Indian Citizens.


4) Modify country FERA regulations to prevent massive illegal conversions using foreign funding. 

Investigate the flow of funds used fir conversion


5) Ban all deceptive religious conversion and enforce transparency of accounts of all NGO's.  Severe punishments should be imposed on any deceptive practices of religious conversion.  Stem illegal inflow of money in the form of donations by requiring each organization to show receipts and tax income details and account details.


Stop Divide and Rule Policies

1) Reservations: Establish reservations based on economic status only.  Remove the use of caste, creed, and religion affiliation in all Government official transactions, educational institutions, and employment environment.  Legislative bodies, Government Organizations and Judicial Courts make no discrimination or provide preferential treatment based on creed, caste, religion, political or official or societal status.   -- PRIORITY 1


2) Reservations: Significantly reduce extent of reservations.  Increase support for early and primary education.   This will positively impact India's growth to become super power. -- PRIORITY 2


3) Media: Reduce foreign influence in India.  Establish clear laws on making media pay a very high price for propagating propaganda.  For e.g.,  Arun Shourie reported in 'Harvesting Our Souls' how media spreads propaganda on events like a Christian Nun being raped by Hindus but when the real news came to the fore (that it is not true), media hardly bother to question.  How media is subtly trying to undermine Hindu Religious symbols etc.   - PRIORITY 2


4) Media: Establish a body that determines the biases and propaganda patterns in the media. They may give warnings and then take media to courts.  -- PRIORITY 2


5) Family Planning:  Take steps to reduce Population by allowing only two children per couple, irrespective of religious beliefs.  Make it illegal with strict punishments to religious leaders encouraging their followers to have more children.  -- PRIORITY 1


6) Text books and NCERT.  Text books should reflect the history of India during Muslim period and the atrocities of Christians such as Goa Inquisition. NCERT should be completely revamped to see that the facts, however painful they maybe are published without alienating current population.  The concept Aryan invasion should be negated, because this is totally false.  -- PRIORITY 2


Corruption -- PRIORITY 2

1) Create a state based corruption index and make it very costly for any state that has high index value.  For e.g., state funding from Federal government be reduced if the particular State's corruption index is high.


2) Force disclosure of the assets of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Islands accounts.  Recently the taxation division of US (Internal Revenue Service) has forced disclosure of those evading taxes.


Other items -- PRIORITY 2

1) Build Ramjanmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya (India) by passing a law in the Parliament.


2) Protect Hindu Heritage: Preserving, Protecting and Promoting Indian Heritage like Rama Sethu, Hindu Temples, Holy sites, Vedic Scriptures and Knowledge, Music / Dance / Yoga forms, History and Historical sites.   Severe punishments should be given to the Govt. machinery like ASI who is blatantly destroying age old monuments and sculptures.  Ban Cow slaughter throughout India.


3) Declare Rama Sethu a National Monument.


4) Oppose any religious incentives – Hajj Subsidy. Travel grants to visit Jerusalem, protection of lands and properties of Christians and Moslems, and salary subsidies to other religious preachers, construction of other religious places of worship, etc. Take back Government built / provided Hajj facilities.


5) Abolish all teaching institutions promoting hatred towards Hindus, Hindu Culture  Hindu way of Living.


6) Preserve and Protect interests of Hindus every where including those in Sri Lanka.


7) Promote Bhagavat Gita as the basic Spiritual text of Hindu Philosophy.


8)  Pass laws making it a crime to defame Hindu Gods, Hindu Culture, Hindu Heritage and Hindu way of Living.


9) Provide Dual Citizenship to eligible NRI(s).


Maha Pada Yatra 2


            Sri Kamal Kumar Swami who is undertaking the Maha Pada Yatra 2 to make all Hindus aware of the potential danger to the preservation of Hinduism through the destruction of the Temples by other religions, bomb blasts, conversion, appeasement of minorities, special privileges granted at the expense of Hindus, killing of Saints and discrediting the saints.

             As many of you know that the Maha Pada Yatra 2 started on August 16, 2008 and will continue until February 16, 2009. He and his associates have been traveling to many villages and towns, visiting numerous Temples, and collecting information on the dilapidated Temples, lands encroached, and lands sold. So far he visited Sri Kakulam district, Vijayanagaram District, Vishakhapatnam District, East Godavari District, West Godavari District, Kammam district, Krishna District, Guntur District, Prakasam District. Now it is going through Chittoor District. It is gratifying to note that large number of people are attending the meetings held in front of the Temples to hear Sri Kamal Kumar talk of preserving the Hindu Temples so that Hindu culture will be maintained. In all his speeches he is encouraging people to go to Temples regularly with their family members, have family meal regularly, and take the responsibility of caring and maintaining the Temple.


Read the Promises of Naidu and Chiranjeevi  to Christians; It is a slap on the face of Hindus; They do any thing to get elected.

Dear Friends.

My heart sank to read the statements of  the President of Telugu Desam Party,  Mr.  N. Chandra Babu Naidu and Praja Rajyam Party President, Mr.  Chiranjeevi.  For their political gains the politicins in Andhra Pradesh and India  are willing to  sacrifice the religion they are born into, surrender the principles of ahimsa, vsudeva kurumbam principles to violence and terror, stab the Hindus at the expense of promoting Christianity and Islam, pierce the hearts of Hindus to drain their blood to the core, insult and humiliate the Hindus by taking over Hindu Temples to deplete their lands and resources, encouraging the promotion of Christainity near and aroung the Hindu Temples, protecting the lands and resources of other religions while they hell bent on destroying the Hindu Temples and evetually Hindu culture, and  agreeing to be coconspirators of illegal, foced convertion by  alluremnet, and deception.

                If we do not wake up soon, all of us will  witness the demise of Hinduism in fron of our own eyes. We will also be silent supporters to this insanity, madness and opportunism.

1)      Please read the quotations whatever worth they may be.

2)      Read Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu's promise to Christians

3)      Read Mr. Chiranjeevi's   promise to Proect Christian properties

4)      Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary's most inspiring, eloquent , persuasive and powerful letter addressed Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu.  MUST READ LETTER


V. V. Prakasa Rao

99630 36024

1)      Quotations

"We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal." Carl Bernstein, U.S. journalist. Guardian (London, June 3, 1992).

"One has to be a lowbrow, a bit of a murderer, to be a politician, ready and willing to see people sacrificed, slaughtered, for the sake of an idea, whether a good one or a bad one."  Henry Miller  (American Author and Writer, 1891-1980)

 "The best time to listen to a politician is when he's on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he's exhausted. Then he doesn't lie."   Theodore H. White  (English Journalist, Historian and Novelist, 1915-1986)

 "Remember, I am neither a bear nor a bull, I am an agnostic opportunist. I want to make money short- and long-term. I want to find good situations and exploit them."   James Cramer


2)   Naidu promises separate corporation for Christians

Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: A separate corporation will be opened in the State to provide protection to all the Christian properties, renovate churches, and provide amounts to larger number of Christians to travel to Bethlehem, said Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing a gathering of more than a lakh of people on the inaugural day of the Bible Mission Annual Conventions opposite Acharya Nagarjuna University, the TDP leader said that the attacks on Christians all over the country had increased multi-fold and were never seen during his regime.

Promising to scrap the new Government Orders 746 and 747 amid loud cheers, as the GOs were allegedly being used to attack Christians, Mr. Naidu promised to provide additional land for the burial grounds.

Thanking the organising secretary Jerripothula Samuel Kiran for making efforts to help people have faith in the Jesus, who had only promoted peace in the world, he said conversions were not the route for reaching out to the disadvantaged.

Asking the devotees and the preachers gathered at the massive Bible Mission Convention venue at 4.30 p.m., he asked them to continue to pray for the world peace and end of terrorism.

All TDP leaders including party district president Prattipati Pulla Rao, Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, former Mayor Yesuratnam, and Mangalagiri in-charge Madala Rajendra received him at the Helipad arranged at Kantheru.


3)      Will set up board to protect Christian properties: Chiranjeevi
Guntur | Thursday, Jan 29 2009 IST; 64315.html


Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) President Chiranjeevi today anounced that the party would set up a special Board to safeguard the properties of Christians if it was voted to power in the ensuing assembly elections.

The Board would be formed on the lines of Endowment Boards created to protect the properties of Muslims, he said, addressing the devotees at the three-day 70th annual Bible Mission convention here.

He said the PRP would strive to thwart any attacks on Christians.

The party would also provide financial assistance to Christians who wish to visit Jerusalem in Israel.

The PRP would strive to maintain peace among people of all religions, he said and added he entered politics only to serve the people with the inspiration provided by Mother Theresa.

He later sought the blessing of the preachers.

-- (UNI) -- 29MS22.xml


4) Letter addressed to Mr. Naidu by Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary


Sri. N. Chandrababu Naidu, Leader of the Opposition

Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Hyderabad and

President, TDP

TDP Party Office

Rd No: 2, B. Hills

Hyderabad – 500 033

T: (40) 2354-2101 to 04; f: 2354-2108

F: (40) 2354-7845/ R: 2360-8121


Dear Sri Chandra Babuji,

I am sure you are aware of the poem by Bhartruhari translated into Telugu by Enugu Lakshmana Kavi

Aakasambu nundi sambhuni sirambandundi seethadri

suslokambaina himadrinundi bhuvi, bhoolokambunandundi

yasthokambhodi bayodhinundi pavanandholokamunjere

ganga koolankasha pekku bhangulu vivekabrasta sampathamul

2. Loss of power is making you desperate, leading you to make all sorts of populist promises, the consequences of which will (a) bankrupt the State (b) undermine and subvert secularism (c) encourage conversions of Hindus to Christianity and (d) generate communal strife between Hindus and Christians; Hindus and Muslims.

3. The latest is while addressing the 71st State Level Conference of the (converting enterprise) Bible Mission near Guntur on 27 Jan 2009 you promised to repeal GO:746 which proclaims Tirumala and Tirupati as Hindus' Punyakshetras and GO:747 which prohibits converting Missionaries' preaching and related activities in the vicinity of Hindus' temples. What even a Christian Chief Minister conceded to Hindus, is promised by you to Christians to please them!

4. Former admirers and well wishers like me are perplexed at what is driving you to make many reckless promises, some of them as mentioned in para (3) are patently appeasing minorities and humiliating to an enraging Hindus. You are also promising them a separate financial corporation for their development. With whose money are you going to do this? Are you really believing that Christians are going to vote for you and not for the Congress of the Christian Chief Minister Dr Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy and the Christian supremo of this country, Sonia Gandhi of Italian birth. Just as Muslims repudiated secular Mahatma, socialist Nehru and nationalist Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and their Congress when 98.6% of them voted for the Muslim League and not for the Congress, in the elections to the Central Legislative Council, Delhi in 1945-46 Christians declaring them as Christians as well as those converts who fraudulently record themselves SCs are not going to vote for you when yours is only a promise whereas Dr Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy is fulfilling his promises - he is sending Christians to Jerusalem with a subsidy of Rs. 15,000; he is performing the marriage of Christians by giving them Rs. 15,000 ; he has created a separate state -owned Financial Corporation for Christians and a separate department for their welfare. It is indeed astonishing that you believe that forsaking the man who is fulfilling his promises and making of them, would vote for you .

5. You promise to extend reservations meant for S.C Hindus to S.C  converts to Christianity. You would then be party to Christian Missionaries fraud of telling that Christianity has no castes and so SC Hindus will be better off where as the fact is there are Kamma, Brahmin, Reddy, Dalit, caste Christians.

6. I am afraid that by promising many things to Muslims and Christians in the forlorn hope of getting their votes, you are antagonising 85% of the population of this state. Hindus are to pay taxes and you are saying that you use that tax money for the benefit of the conversion and converted gangs. To the destroyers of this country's peace and integrity, the Islamists you are promising 12% reservation.

7. Thousands of us who sang paens to your statesmanship are now pained that you have descended to such despicable depths to recklessly making promises which harm the interests of this state, of this country and Hindus. History and people of Andhra Pradesh will not forgive renegades, renegades from what they preached and practised in the past and now stoop to the meanest depths making numerous, fantabulous promises in the forlorn hope of getting votes and seizing power. Can't you please see that you are subverting and scandalizing secularism by resorting to appeasement of Christians and Muslims and that by repeal of GOs 746 and 747 you are encouraging conversions and antagonizing Hindus?

8. May god yet give you wisdom! May you kindly indulge in honest introspection whether the populist promises that you are making, to which ever gathering you are going, would be in the interest of our people, our state and country.

With Regards in pain

Yours truly,

Dr T.H.Chowdary)

* Director : Center for Telecom Management & Studies

Chairman : Pragna Bharati, Andhra Pradesh

Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services & Satyam Computer Services

Former: Information Technology Advisor: Government of Andhra Pradesh

Chairman & Managing Director, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd

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