[SDF & GHHF] Hindu Unity Day 2011 in Plano on August 07, 2011; Attend Luncheon Meeting with 4 great Hindu Giants

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Date: August 04, 2011

"More high-reaching, subtle, many-sided, curious and profound than the Greek, more noble and humane than the Roman, more large and spiritual than the old Egyptian, more vast and original than any other Asiatic civilization, more intellectual than the European prior to the 18th century, possessing all that these had and more, it was the most powerful, self-possessed, stimulating and wide in influence of all past human cultures.” Sri Aurobindo 

Sanatana Dharma Foundation (SDF) and Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) are cordially inviting you to attend a Luncheon Meeting with FOUR Stalwarts who are championing the Hindu cause, who are defending it, who are preserving it and who are protecting it. They are the first line of defense defending the Hinduism from the atrocities being hurled at by Secularists, Media, Muslims, Missionaries, Marxists, and Money.

We should be the second line defense supporting their efforts on the ground. We should support them morally, physically, emotionally and financially.  Your presence at the Luncheon meeting to hear these Giants is a crucial first step. Let us join our hands to applaud their fearless, tireless, daring and valiant efforts to preserve our Hindu heritage across the globe.

Let us take pride in our culture, work for it's preservation and stand tall with our Hindu leaders who are sacrificing their time, resources and life itself. Let us attend to preserve Hinduism and human race itself.

VENUE:                      Holiday Inn, 700 East Central Pkwy, Plano TX 75074

DATE & TIME:            August 7 at 11:00 am

Register and Reserve your SEAT atregister.sdfglobal.org

Facebook page for HUD event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=184216154967492

or CALL one of the following organizers to reserve your SEAT


V. V. Prakasa Rao 601-918-7111, Hari Ramasubbu 331-442-4274; Gopal Ponangi 469-443-6785; Kalyan Viswnathan 614-668-1668; Sangeeta C 214-991-8622; I V Rao 214-284-6227; Raj Veerapaneni 773-704-0405; Krishna Athota 214-912-3724

Brief Description of our Speakers:

Dr. Subramanian Swamy 

Dr. Swamy is a visiting professor at Harvard; former Union Cabinet Minister is renowned prosecutor against plunder of India by those at high places. When 80% of India live in poverty and every second child are malnourished, 1.4 trillion dollars was looted from India with connivance of those in power. Whether it is exposing $40 billion 2G spectrum case that brought plunder of India to national attention, notice to PM for prosecution of Sonia Gandhi, stopping destruction of sacred Rama Sethu, battle against fraudulent EVMs used to win elections. He is a crusader par excellence in India against a backdrop of total political bankruptcy.

Kamal Kumar Swamy 

Kamal Kumar Swamy, the president of HDPS (Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi) is a fearless and tireless fighter who fought against Government looting of Hindu Temples driving them to extinction. He took herculean task of conducting two successful Padayatras walking 8,500 Kms visiting thousands of villages in every district of Andhra Pradesh, bringing awareness to more than 10 million people, covered by nearly 250 media articles. Working with GHHF he brought several lawsuits against Govt, recognized by media as a leader in speaking out on injustices to the community.

Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra was a senior executive, strategic consultant and a successful entrepreneur in IT and Media until his early retirement at age of 44. In 1995, he founded the Infinity Foundation to foster better understanding of the dharma religious traditions of India (most notably Hinduism and Buddhism) both in the US and India. Rajiv is the author of groundbreaking book ‘Breaking India'.

Tapan Gosh

He is the founder of Hindu Samhati, which is known for its commitment toward Hindu cause.  For the last 25 years He is rendering relentless service to strengthen and unite Hindu masses to fight against injustice and oppressive attitude of the authorities in the face of ever increasing Islamist aggression. He is working for the upliftment of Hindus who are reeling under the scourge of Islamic Terrorism in West Bengal.


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